Friday, May 11, 2018

Trump to meet Kim Jong-Un on June 12th in Singapore-Moon symbolism Israel

What an interesting day for Trump to meet Kim Jong Un....
A number that has been really significant this year..
Valentine=612....The Pulse nightclub shooting on 6/12 that was 612 days before the Stoneman Douglas shooting.....

North Korea=55.....5 months 5 days...

Notice they are meeting 156 days(end date) after Kim Jong Un's bday too. 
Remember all the 156's I just documented in regards to Korea/Hawaii and the Great American Eclipse?...
Hawaii's anniversary being a state was the same day as the GAE...Also the last Total Solar Eclipse seen in America was only seen in Hawaii in 1991. 
The last Total Solar Eclipse that went across the US was 156 days before WWI came to an end. 
World War III=156(reverse)
Moon Jae-In born 156 days after the GAE...
Rodman went to North Korea 156 days no end date(6/13) after Kim's bday....He played 911 NBA games....911 the 156th prime number. 
Magnusson Klemencic Associates=156
9-1-1 made emergency dialing code in 68'....33 years before 9/11. 
Thirty Three=156
Twenty Eight=156
WTC's opened for 28 years and construction began 33 years before 9/11/2001. 
False Flag=156(Jewish)
Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack=911(Jewish)
Tisha B'Av=911(Jewish)

What else I find interesting about June 12th is that it's the 163rd day of the year...
Revelation 6:12 about a great earthquake....

They are also meeting in "Singapore"....
I've never used this cipher but "Singapore"=156(KFW)
Singapore=624(sumerian) as well....Remember 624 is a number I've recently noticed with the death of my Uncle/Grandma and more....Still trying to find it's full purpose...

A few other things I find interesting to this year...
The 241st anniversary of the US. 
Osama Bin Laden=241(reverse)

Kim Jong Un=48(rev red)
Donald Trump=48
I missed this piece in the video as I just now realized it, but I talked about how the year 1948 was important to the Moon and Trump winning the election...1948 is also the year Israel declared it's independence...which is important to World War as Israel was created out of World War. Jews supposedly identify with the Moon as it almost disappears and then comes back...
Israel declared it's independence on 14/5 in the year 48'...remember how this was connected to the Chicago Cubs? The guy holding up the Israel sign at the World Series...
Chicago Illinois=145 
2016 was 145 years after the Great Chicago Fire...
Israel declared it's independence 145 days before the World Series in 1948 began and the last time the Indians won it. 
Declared by "David Ben Gurion"=145
North Korea=145(reverse)

Think about  how the Chicago Cubs were important to the Stoneman Douglas shooting too and Marjory Stoneman Douglas dying age 108 on 14/5...She died in the 612 area code....
It makes much more sense to me now...
My Grandma died 205 days before my Uncle who died on 4/17. 

Trump pulls out of Iran nuclear deal....Israel bombs Syria....

Interesting the Great American Eclipse also 9 months 23 days(end date) before 6/12...
9/23 the important day to Pope Francis...

Pope Benedict the first Pope to resign since the 205th Pope. 
Notice the 205th Pope resigned on July 4th too. It says his bday is 14/5 on this page, but when you click on him it says 13/5 too. 
Also interesting Benedict became Pope after the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl...will he die after the year the Eagles won the Super Bowl? 

Lebron Raymone James=205
Lebron James=923
2018 is 923 years after the first crusade began...
Nine twenty three=205

Benjamin Netanyahu=69
He will be 69 years old in 2018...
World War III=69
The World Series begins on the day that leaves 69 days in the year. 
Hawaii 6.9 Earthquake...
Moon landing in 69' during the sign of Cancer(69). 
Saturn=69(Jews worship)
False Flag=69
6/9 leaves 205 days in the year. 

Sixty Nine=624(rev sumerian)
Post of the number and date 624

Another thing I find interesting is the fact they are meeting in Singapore which is next to Malaysia and once part of it. There's always been something special about that missing Malaysian Airline 370 that happened 9 months 23 days before the end of the year...Also the film "Castaway" and the FedEx 88 plane.....anyway remember in 2017 Kim Jong Un's brother assassinated by North Korea in Malaysia...
Look at his bday too....May 10th....the same day they agree to meet on June 12th....
Moon Jae-In became president on 5/10....
All the other 510's I've recently pointed out...
Kim Jong Nam=44, 55(rev red), 107, 163(reverse)
Earthquake=44, 55(rev red), 107, 163(reverse)...
Nam also died on the 44th day of the year. 
North Korea=55(rev red)
June 12th the 163rd day of the year...


  1. I think the reason 612 is related to the eclipse is not just through Revelation, but the calendar. The date June 12th leaves 202 days in the year. "Total solar eclipse" = 202. If you haven't seen my post on the founding of Freemasonry, I show how this is super-significant to their eclipse rituals, which the Korean thing obviously is as you've brilliantly shown.
    I'll try to wrap my head around all of this by tomorrow morning before the Podcast

  2. More world war/Minnesota connections popping up.
    The story is updated at 11:14pm.
    The sailor is from Mankato=42 and 114 like world war. Also his sisters name, June Schoen=42 and 114.
    Check out the age of his siblings who received his body, 94 and 81.
    His body being returned home 77 years later.
    6/8/2018 might be a date worth watching for something to happen.
    6/8 is 114 days after Parkland on 2/14. Or 3 months 25 days, like 325 and Donald Trump=523 in Satanic.
    6/8 has date numerology of 25(Trump) and 52(president, government, Minnesota).
    6/8 is the 159th days of the year, Donald Trump=159. 6/8 leaves 206 days left in the year, 206 bones in the body, the mind is the temple, symbolism of Trump being shot in the head. 206 is also like 26, Flag=26, Trump vs the flag. CNN showing pictures of people in Iran burning the American flag.