Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ichiro Suzuki doesn't know who Tom Brady is-Seattle Mariners coding for the next 9/11 type event?

Yet another story involving the Seattle Mariners in the news. 
Ichiro Suzuki didn't know who Tom Brady was after a text in spring training 2017.....Why is this story coming over a year later?....
Well because today is 3 months 5 days after Tom Brady lost in Super Bowl 52. 
Tom Brady=35
Ichiro moved to Seattles Front office on 5/3 or 3/5 too. 
Who can forget the absolutely rigged Super Bowl 49 where Tom Brady beat Seattle either?
Ichiro Suzuki=169
Seattle Seahawks=169

This story comes 199 days after Ichiro's bday. 
Tom Brady the 199th pick in the draft. 
199 is the 46th prime. 
Tom Brady=46(rev red)

New England Patriots=82

In regards to some other recent posts I just realized that...
Seattle Washington=68
San Francisco=68(s)

Ichiro moved to the front office 57 days after signing with the Mariners. 
World Series=57

He's 44 years old. 
Seattle=44(rev red)
Space Needle=44
World Trade Center opened on 4/4 the year Ichiro was born. 
There was a fire in 1975 at the WTC on the 44th day. 

I can't help but think all of the Mariners coding is connected to the new 9/11 type event....Remember Ichiro came into the major leagues with the Mariners in 2001. They won 116 regular season games and then were upset by the NEW YORK Yankees 41 days after 9/11...also 1 month 11 days. 
New York=111
9/11 leaves 111 days in the year. 
Seattle Mariners=179...the 41st prime number. 
Al Qaeda=41
Skull and Bones=41(Bush/Kerry)

Tom Brady will be 41 years old on 8/3/18. 
Super Bowl=41
Remember Tom Brady also came out of nowhere to lead the PATRIOTS to the Super Bowl and win after 9/11 and the Patriot Act. 
Brady only got to play because Drew Bledsoe got hurt in the game on 9/23 against the NEW YORK JETS...

The day the Yankees knocked out the Mariners in 2001 was also Ichiro's birthday. 

It's such a joke, but I think this is why we got a seemingly pointless story about Ichiro and Tom Brady as it connects to New York and 9/11. 
Think about Ichiro being Japanese too in regards to World War...
Pearl Harbor happened in 1941...
The Atomic bomb dropped on 8/6 or 6/8...
WTC construction began on 8/6/68...
Barbara Bush dying and her bday being 6/8...all of the other 68 9/11 symbolism...
Dolores O'Riordan dying....the song Zombie being a protest to the Warrington Bombings that happened the same day the WTC's were bombed in 93'. 
In regards to World War as well....James Paxton the first canadian to throw a no hitter since 9/9/45....just 7 days after WWII came to an end. 
This being the 114th World Series....
World War=114=Pearl Harbor=Holocaust=Kim Jong Un and so on..

Also with as much as I've talked about Earthquakes and the 1989 Same City World Series.....the Yankees beat the Dodgers in the 1941 Subway World Series. 
Notice the next regular season Subway Series begins on 6/8 this year. 

Randy Johnson also on the Diamondbacks in 2001...They beat the Yankees in the World Series....just thinking about him hitting the Bird though. 

This story also comes 166 days before Ichiro's 45th bday. 
Twin Towers=166
September Eleven=166
Empire State=166(reverse)
Reverse Gematria=166
Think about Zach living in Seattle too and Montagraph saying last year the number to watch for is was 166 days after my bday. I was talking a bunch of the connection to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary......then that night "Mary Tofflemire"=166 calls into the Gematria talking about Montagraph and talks about her Pet Pigs....while I was sitting next to my daughters Pet Pig stuffed animals I was supposed to watch while she was sleeping. 

Montagraph Blog Post 166
Zach's post on Montagraph and 166 New York
Also Mary Tofflemire's brother was Joe Tofflemire who was a former Center for the Seattle Seahawks....drafted 44th in 1989. 

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