Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Orleans Televangelist Jesse Duplantis asks for $54 million for private jet-Flood Symbolism-Joel Osteen Hurricane Harvey-Hurricane Katrina

Fifty Four Million=87(rev red)
Jesse Duplantis=87(rev red)
He's out of New Orleans..
New Orleans=54(s), also 54(rev red)

He says this on his website on 5/28...Jesus told him to bleed the people so he can get closer to him. 
Notice he asks for this 42 days before his bday...
Remember the New Testament begins with the 42 generations leading up to Jesus.
New Testament=42
Bethlehem in Judea=142
Forty Two=43, 142, 74(reverse)
Jesus Christ=43, 74(rev red)
Jesus=74=Cross=Messiah=Gospel=Televangelist and so on...
G=42(sumerian) and 42(satanic)
42 the secret to the universe in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. 
The first mass produced bibles were the 42 lined Gutenberg Bibles. 
He already has 3 jets so he's asking for a 4th...
Four Jets=42

Jesus Christ=151

I find it interesting this story is on the mainstream media on the 150th day of the year too. I've recently been mentioning the Flood symbolism and televangelists reminds us of Joel Osteen who is from Houston. 
Joel Osteen=150(reverse)
The Biblical Flood lasted 150 days. 
Joel Osteen was 54 years old when Harvey hit too. 
Then think about Harvey(Houston) and Katrina(New Orleans). 
Think about the connections of Chris Paul in regards to Katrina and Harvey too....
Remember Matt Harvey was the first pitcher to pitch in Houston after Hurricane was 52 days before the World Series in which the Houston Astros won...
Jesse Duplantis=204(Reverse)
Houston Astros=204

Today is 146 days before the World Series begins as well. 
Jesus Christ=146(reverse)
Trump's bday is 14/6. 
Makes ya wonder if New Orleans is going to get hit again with a Hurricane or Flood this year? 

Also Osteen and Duplantis' bdays are 126 days apart...
New Orleans=126
Private Jet=126

Interesting too that Joel Osteen's bday is 3/5 or 5/3....Notice today the Astros lost to the Yankees with a score of 3 to 5....they both now have 35 wins on the season. 

Also I've mentioned 48 a lot recently...
Joel Osteen=48
Jesse Duplantis=48

Also think about yet another story with Planes/Jets...
Think about the 9/11 symbolism in regards to 68...The Biblical Flood mentioned in Genesis 6-8. 

Also looking at the list of possible names for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms this year is interesting. 
The next one will be named "Beryl"....The only person I have ever met named that is an old guy who comes into the store everyday for coffee. I'm not sure of his age but I know he's at least 90....A few others that catch my attention are "Kirk" and "Valerie"....Just had the significance of "Valerie Jarrett"....also Kirk reminds me of what I documented about my best friends brother dying...also Kyle Korvers brother named Kirk dying...
Hurricane Kirk=146
Hurricane=146=Jesus Christ....
Hurricane Katrina first hit US land on 8/25(Florida) and Harvey first Hit US Land on 8/25(Texas)....Kirk was born on 8/25....Harvey and Katrina the costliest Hurricanes in US history....
The World Series is 59 days also 1 month 28 days after 8/25. 
Kirk Sturgill=59
8/25 leaves 128 days in the year....
Who really knows just makes me wonder as I know there's something I'm supposed to see with his death just like last year. 

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  1. do you think both a hurricane could hit new Orleans and houston?