Thursday, May 17, 2018

Metta World Peace in multiple headline articles the past few days-Rockets-Teen Wolf-Valentines-Philadelphia-Lakers-2015

I've notice there have been a few headline stories about Metta World Peace the past few days. Both of these stories stem from an interview he did promoting his new book. 
Remember Metta World Peace played a big role in what I was talking about last year with the Houston Rockets in connection to the death of Isaiah Thomas' sister in KING county. (Also the Lakers connections to Houston). 
Then Thomas lost a tooth just like Ron Artest....Thomas' sister died in a Toyota(Crown) Camry that looked very similar to the same car my girlfriend drove at the time, and she lost the same tooth that Thomas lost. 

It's also interesting that he is talking about the legalized sports betting ruling that happened on Monday, May 13th. 
Remember May 13th is an important day to the Angel Gabriel/Mary/Daniel/Zechariah. I talked about the significance of my girlfriend being pregnant and Gabriel telling Mary she would birth Jesus Christ. 

Notice changed his name from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace 59 days(end date) before his bday. 
Ron Artest=59(rev red) and 113(reverse)
Houston Rockets=59
59 the number stamped on black people...
Slave=59=Negro=Cottonpicker and so on...
Notice one of the articles above as well about him breaking Michael Jordan's ribs in 2001? 
Michael Jordan=59, 113
Kobe Bryant=113
The National Basketball Association=113

Think about Ron Artest/Metta for second though. He's known for NBA Brawls and then changes his name to Metta World Peace...think about that in regards to what is going on in the world with Trump and North's the bad and the good mixed makes me wonder if we are going to soon get an NBA brawl that will be a factor in regards to the Finals...possibly a guy like Draymond Green is going to get into some controversy yet again? 

Malice at the Palace happened 203 days(end date) before the Pistons made the NBA Finals in 2005. 
Detroit Pistons=203
The brawl started because of Ben Wallace when the Pistons had 82 points..
Ben Camey Wallace=82(rev red) and 203(FB)
A side note in regards to what I've recently mentioned...
Malice at the Palace=612(eng ext)
Michael Jordan's Ribs=612(eng ext)
World Peace=612(sumerian)
Interesting in regards to Trump meeting Kim Jong Un on 6/12. 

What else sticks out is that he broke Michael Jordan's ribs in the summer of 2001. It doesn't say the exact date, but how interesting yet again in regards to 9/11....
I'm also reminded of the Hulk Hogan  breaking his ribs from Earthquake stuff I was talking about earlier this year. On the Brother Love show(Philadelphia) and he got his revenge in Philadelphia at Summer Slam....Michael Jordan really important to Philadelphia...even finished his career against the 76ers...Kobe from Philadelphia....the capital of the country Jordan was at one time called "Philadelphia" until the year 106 ad and then later destroyed by earthquakes..Jordan first retired on 10/6 and played his final game against Philadelphia on the 106th day of the year..and scored his final points after being fouled by "Eric Snow"=106 and so on...
Also the Rockets winning the NBA finals 2 years in a row after Jordan retired. 
Don't forget Jordan wore #9 in the Olympics too and known for  #23...He retired after playing 9 seasons wearing # 23....
The reason he wore # 45 was because of Valentines being the 45th day of the year.....Jordan big in what I was talking about with Valentines in 2015. 
It was also important to SPACE Jam and why the Warriors got Kevon LOONEY in 2016.(lead scorer on UCLA on Valentines Day in 2015...same day Denzel Valentine made the Game winner on Valentines day...think about Denzel in the film "Philadelphia" as well)....Denzel goes to the Bulls(Jordan)...Derrick ROSE was a big piece that year...he now plays for the Twolves....
Zach Lavine(Teen Wolf/UCLA) did the Space Jam dunk on Valentines to win the Dunk Contest that year. Lavine now plays for the Bulls.....Andrew Wiggins(Teen Wolf) won the Rising Star Challenge MVP the day before Valentines...he was traded to Minnesota for Kevin LOVE(UCLA)...Westbrook(UCLA) won the All Star Game MVP..

Like I've said, it would make sense for the Warriors or the Rockets to win this year because of what I was saying in 2015...but I really think this year is for the Rockets. 
Just now thinking about it too, but Kevin Garnett is the original Teen Wolf and won his championship with the Boston Celtics...but I think the Teen Wolf stuff is why the Rockets played them in the first round of the Playoffs....

Also Ron Artest was on the Lakers when they beat the Celtics in the Finals...He also elbowed James Harden giving him a concussion when he was with the Thunder...then the next season the Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni who is the Rockets current head coach. 
There are so many connections to the Lakers and the Rockets it's crazy...even Robert Horry comes to mind. 


  1. you were talking about how crazy the connections are in your life and how it doesnt happen to other ppl or whatever...
    maybe we just notice it or maybe it just happens to us(people who know about gematria) more...
    but... i was randomly watching this youtube video...
    why i have no idea...
    its jalen rose speaking, who was part of the trade that brought ron artest to the pacers and sent rose to the bulls...
    in the video, the other dude, randomly mentions how he knew 4 ppl who said they were metta world peace's exclusive business manager...
    i then check your page and this is your latest post...
    pretty fucking incredible when you stop to think about it...

  2. There's a sequel to "Space Jam"(Space Jam 2), scheduled for release in 2019 (2019-1996=23). LeBron is the main character (like Jordan#23) and several other NBA All "STARS" will be in the sequel.

    "Houston Rockets"=203(23)English Ordinal
    "Rachel Meghan Markle"=203(23)ALW Kabbalah
    Metta was born in QUEENS, NY like Kenny "The JET" Smith, who won "2" championships with the Rockets. Kenny's NBA moniker "The Jet" is a airplane reference and Mike D'Antoni & Hal Greer attended Marshall University (WE ARE MARSHALL Plane Crash in 1970). D'Antoni(Rockets Head Coach) attended Marshall the same year of the plane crash that killed 75 people
    "Order Out Of Chaos"=75(Full Red.) In greek mtyhology "CHAOS" was the 1st primordial deity that separated the heavens from the earth. Chaos allegedly gave birth to "Erebus" and "Nyx", they represent Darkness and Night.
    Southern Airways Flight Nine Hundred Thirty Two"=1987(Satanic) and "1990"(Reverse Satanic)
    The Lakers won the NBA Finals in 1987(defeating the Celtics)
    The Pistons won the NBA Finals in 1990(defeating Portland)
    Portlands Head Coach for that game was Rick Adelman(From California). He was drafted in "1968" to the San Diego Rockets. Who are the Houston Rockets today and Harden was born in Los Angeles.
    "Charles, Prince Of Wales"=1968(68/86)
    "Rachel Meghan Markle"=1986

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    2. I forgot to mention that the We Are Marshall Plane Crash in 1970 was called
      Southern Airways Flight #932. In 1970 the NY Knicks defeated the Lakers and Willis REED was the MVP, like Patrick REED who won the the 82nd Master Mason "Green Jacket" Tournament. Willis Reed Jr. is currently 75 yrs old (like the 75 killed in the Marshall Plane Crash).
      "932" in the reflection of "239". "239" is another # that keeps showing up, like Trump allegedly weighing in at "239" pounds.
      "Nine Hundred Thirty Two"=104(Reverse Full Red.) Like the 104 passengers on the Cuban Flight.