Friday, May 25, 2018

15 people injured after explosive device goes off at Toronto Indian Restaurant-Bombay

A bomb/explosive device goes off at the BOMBay Bhel Indian Restaurant? 
Sam just made a video about a duck theme coming up in his life on 5/19....which oddly enough...that same day I watched the film D3 The Mighty Ducks. 
The name of the restaurant being "Bombay" makes me think of the Mighty Ducks and Gordon we just had the Van Attack in this same area(Toronto) that was connected to the death of Mini Me and the Toronto Maple Leafs(Hockey). 

In the D3 film I just watched the Ducks play the Varsity who are called the "Warriors". Remember in Happy Gilmore as well..his grandma is played by actress "Frances BAY"....Also in the beginning when Happy doesn't make the team he's wearing the "Warriors" hockey jersey. Think about this story of a Bomb going off the same day the Warriors lose to the Rockets....The Warriors from the BAY area...Bomb Bay...something I mentioned a long time ago. 
This story comes 32 days(end date) after the Van Attack. 
Bombay=32(rev red)
That van attack was on the 113th day of the year...Notice the attacker born on 11/3 too. 

Bomb=22(rev red)
Mississauga=79(rev red)
22nd prime is 79. 

Improvised Explosion Device=134(rev red)
Fifteen People=134
I'll try and remember to look at this tomorrow. I keep falling asleep while typing it. 

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  1. we have national anthem talk and the bombs are bursting and the rockets are glaring red...