Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Putin opens Crimea Bridge-Trump and Kim Jong-Un Summit possibly being canceled

One of CNN's headline stories today is about Putin opening the Crimea Bridge. It's a perfect day for the bridge symbolism too...
May 15th is the 135th day of the year. 
Golden Gate Bridge=135
81 is the big number in regards to bridges...
Eighty One=135(reverse)...also 624(Jewish)
624 has been really important lately is why I mention this. 

This story is also interesting as I posted about this bridge in late was supposed to open until at least December 2018 and now it's opened in May....
The other big stories today were about Trump and North Korea possibly not meeting now....
Russia=48(rev red)
Donald Trump=48
Kim Jong Un=48(rev red)
World War=48(rev red) also 612(rev sumerian)..
Trump supposed to meet Kim on 6/12. 
Also interesting that Mike Pence is the 48th Vice President..
Paul Ryan just turned 48 years old...Ryan said he won't run for re-election on 11/4 or 4/11...both interesting in regards to assassination and World War. Ryan also selected after Boehner quit after meeting the Pope...This was during the time of the 114th US Congress...ironically he took office on the anniversary of the Stock Market Crash too. 
John Boehner=48(rev red) and 114. 

Putin's bday of 10/7 also sticks out...
Revelation 6:12- the Earthquake. 
Notice it's also 145 days before his bday...
North Korea=145(reverse)

The last time I remember Putin being big in the news was because of the video showing Florida with a nuclear missile...It was 145 days after his bday...I talked about a lot of the Catholic/Jesuit connections in the link below. I also mentioned a lot about 220 and notice this story comes 220 days after his bday..
Putin Boasts Military Might
Putin has a lot of connections to World War as does Kim Jong-Un that I've documented previously as well. 

Putin's bday is also 117 days after Kim and Trump's meeting that supposed to happen on 6/12...
Moon Jae-In and Kim met on the 117th day of the year...

Also as much as I've documented about 156 lately....isn't it interesting that Trump and Kim agree to meet 33 days before 6/12 and now this story comes 28 days before 6/12...
WTC construction began 33 years before 9/11...
WTC opened 28 years before 9/11. 
Twenty Eight=156
Thirty Three=156
156th prime is 911. 

Also in my previous post on the Crimea Bridge the projected opening date was 12/18/18 which is exactly 31 weeks from today.
The reason I find this interesting is because the Putin Florida Nuke story came on 3/1.  

Putin's bday also 3 months 1 day before Kim Jong Un's bday. 

Today is 75 days after 3/1...
World War III=75(rev red)

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