Thursday, May 3, 2018

Patrick BEVERLEY's Mom has Epic "Price is Right" win a few days after I mentioned the Price is Right in a post about BEVERLY Hills

This story was on the CNN headlines today.
Beverly Hills DUI-The Price is Right-Eddie Murphy-John Stamos 
How interesting just a few days ago I was talking about a seemingly pointless article about a DUI crash in Beverly Hills. Then I talked about John Stamos' DUI in Beverly Hills....John Stamos being born on the 231st day reminded me of stuff that was connected to the Price is Right and the Las Vegas shooting. Also Bob Barker being in the film Happy Gilmore which is connected to Earthquakes....
So moral of the story what are the odds there is a story in the media today about Patrick BEVERLEY's mother being on the Price is Right? Think about it too. Of all people in the world that have tried to get on the Price is Right one of them is a halfway famous NBA Players mother?

Another headline story from today is of course about the Las Vegas shooter too. 

Nice how Patrick tweeted about this at 1:22 on 5/2 which is the 122nd day of the year. 

This comes 72 days(end date) before Patrick Beverley's bday. 
Lisa Beverley=72(rev red)
The 2 months 11 days is also interesting as in the post from the other day I mentioned 211 as well. 
2/11 is also the 42nd day...
Beverley was the 42nd pick in the draft. 
Of course 42 is the big number on Black people. 

This story also 42 weeks after Beverley's bday. 

Also interesting the Rockets lose today....Beverley the former Rocket but traded to the Clippers in the Chris Paul trade. 
108 points...
Golden State=122
Golden State Warriors=108 also 117(rev red)
117 was the other big number I mentioned in the post a few days ago. Remember the year the Cavs beat the Warriors in the Finals...The Warriors won their series against the Rockets on the 117th day of the year. 
The only game the Rockets played against the Cavs this season was on 2/3 which was 117 days before the Finals too. 
I still think it's for the Rockets to make the finals though. I've been questioning it all year though...especially the Caldwell-Pope thing not playing against the Cavs...then playing against the Warriors-then not playing against the Rockets. 

Chris Paul and Steph Curry both injured in that same year the Warriors lost to the Cavs too. Think about how Beverley had to have surgery on his right knee this year...just like how Curry hurt his right knee against the Rockets that year. 

Also this story comes 29 days before the Finals begin. 
Mother=29(rev red)
29 a big number around Cleveland. Remember Blake Griffin was traded to the Pistons just after the Pistons lost to the Cavs who got their 29th win...then the Pistons played the Cavs again after they got Griffin and won leaving the Cavs on 29 wins. The Pistons then played Griffins former team the Clippers on 2/9. 

Notice Kevin Love broke his hand in the 2nd game when the Cavs lost to the Pistons...Chris Paul breaking his hand the year the Cavs won the Finals...
2/9 was also 111 days before the Finals begin...
Houston won with 130 points....Love Breaks his hand on 1/30. 
Christopher Emmanuel Paul=111
The NBA Finals=111
Cleveland Cavaliers=111(rev red)
2/9 is the 40th day of the year....

Kevin Love and LOVE/Valentines in General was what I was talking about in 2015. 
In 2015 the Warriors won the Finals 122 days after Valentines Day..
Golden state=122
Valentines Day=52 and 151..
The Finals begin on May 31st which is the 151st day in 2018. It also leaves 214 days in the year...Valentines is 2/14. 
On Valentines day this year the Warriors lost with 117 points...Houston beat the Kings....Which is a riddle I have been talking about since last year... Philadelphia played Miami where the Stoneman Douglas shooting was that was connected to the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. 

The Warriors played the Cavs 98 days before game 1 of the 2015 finals that went to OT with a score of 98 to 98. 

I really wouldn't be surprised if the Warriors make the Finals again, but I think it's for Houston still. Everything has been connected to 2015 but not happening in the exact way if that makes sense. 
Everything in 2015 involving Kevin Love was also connected to the Teen Wolf symbolism...which I think is why the Rockets defeated the Timberwolves in the first round. The first time the Timberwolves made the playoffs since 2004. 

So I was looking on Amazon for the Price is Right guys book as I was thinking about buying it. I possibly will in the future but it's about $30 after shipping and I don't want to spend that at this moment. Anyway I couldn't find the book so I figured I'd look at his Facebook and see if he talked about it on there. As I'm scrolling down I see he just went on vacation to San mean of all places....I really think this guy is a legit person, but I there are some odd things that don't make much sense to me with him. For example why reach out to me and then not follow through with it. Regardless he is special to how I'm supposed to see these chain of events. 
In the article headline they highlight "Price is Right" not "The Price is Right". 
Price is Right=141 also 78
This story comes 141 days after Bob Barkers bday. 
NBA Finals=78
Jesuit=78(see below)

It's also interesting that Patrick Beverley's bday is 7/12....Remember Terry Kniess' brother in law was a minister in Rosebud at the Reservation where Father Paul(my town) was as well. Then Terry was the weather man in Springfield where Bob Barker graduated...Barker grew up mostly at Rosebud though....Anyway point of the thought is that Father Paul was born on 7/12 as well. 
So many blog posts to find and leave links but if you search some of these key words you will find them and know what I am talking about. 
I'll have to look myself as it was really connected to the Jesuits/Pope Francis in which Father Paul was and died at the Jesuit residence age 63..6 months and 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary...Father Howard article came out on 6/30 and Francis kicked him out of the church age 63. "Father Jim"=63...Father Reischl died on the 63rd day of the year. 

One last thing....think about Drew Carey....."Cleveland Rocks". 


  1. NICE! Chris PAUL was a part of the trade that sent Beverly to the Clippers(Father PAUL parallel). This trade is a foreshadow of a possible 2018 NBA Finals with Houston vs Cleveland. Barbara Bush allegedly died in HOUSTON, Texas. Last year retired NBA player Kenny Smith, (HOUSTON Rockets) now a NBA Analyst for TNT, lost his mother on 4/26/2017(Annie Mae Smith). Kenny's "2nd" wife Gwendolyn Osbourne-Smith just happens to be a former model for the "Price Is Right". She's from London, England, which parallels the upcoming "Royal Wedding" on 5/19/2018. Kenny won "2" championships with the Houston Rockets and Kawhi Leonard #2 from the San Antonio (SAN-ANTONIO/Mike D'ANTONI) has decided to leave the Spurs. Kawhi's decision comes after the death of Spur's Coach Gregg Popovich's Wife(They have "2" children).
    "Christopher Emmanuel Paul"=141"(Chris Paul's birth name)
    "James Harden"=98
    "Cleveland Cavaliers"=519(Like 5/19-The date of the upcoming Royal Wedding)
    "Michael D'Antoni"=79(Kenny's mother was "79" when she died)79/97
    "Los Angeles Clippers"=97
    "Ritualistic Sacrifice"=426(Kenny's mother died on 4/26)
    Patrick Beverly lost his grandfather last year on May 8, 2017.
    "Patrick Beverley"=67(Jewish Reduction)-Popovich's wife was 67 yrs old when she died.
    Beverly's mother won "2" cars, trips and cash and he wears jersey #21(2x1=2).
    "The Houston Rockets"=831(Satanic)-Like 8/31-Princess Diana died on 8/31/1997 in a Car Crash

  2. My work on USS Liberty attack on 6/8/1967
    It happened 68 days before Tisha B'Av that year.
    From the USS Liberty attack to Tisha B'Av of that year
    From and including: Thursday, June 8, 1967
    To, but not including Tuesday, August 15, 1967
    Result: 68 days
    It happened during the six day war.
    six day war" = 31 (Septenary)
    co-ordinates of incident
    31° 23′ 24″ N, 33° 22′ 48″ E
    Date of attack Hebrew calendar...
    Thu, 8 June 1967 = 29th of Iyyar, 5727
    כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז
    Parashat Nasso (in Diaspora)
    44th day of the Omer
    Zionism" = 44 (Jewish Reduction)
    "twenty ninth of lyyar" = 68 (Chaldean) same as 6/8
    "twenty ninth day of lyyar" = 3104 (Jewish)=314=PI
    "כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז" = 33 (Hebrew Reduction)
    "כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז" = 114 (Hebrew Ordinal)
    "כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז" = 969 (Hebrew Gematria)
    "forty fourth day of the Omer" = 307 (English Ordinal)
    forty fourth day of the Omer" = 100 (Septenary)
    The USS Liberty was a Auxiliary Technical Research Ship
    Auxiliary Technical Research Ship" = 307 (Jewish Ordinal)307
    Attack was on the...
    "forty fourth day of the Omer" = 307 (English Ordinal)
    Attack date 6+8+1+9+6+7=37

  3. Man I don't know how I stumbled upon this site. Ummm wow.


  4. How much more obvious can shit get? Trump just hired a lawyer named Flood! And he hired him on May 2nd, or 5/2 like 52, flood, president, Minnesota and government=52.
    Emmet Flood=45(Trump the 45th president), 108(geometry), 300 in jewish, 156(thirty-three=156) alw kabbalah, 108 kfw kabbalah, 133(government, Minnesota) lch kabbalah.
    Emmet T Flood=47(Trump, president), 52, 169(square root is 13), 400 in jewish, 116 kfw kabbalah, 142(forty-two=142) lch kabbalah.
    Emmet Thomas Flood=67(blood sacrifice), 76(blood sacrifice), 77(power.......), 218(northern Minnesota area code, death) alw kabbalah.
    Emmet Thomas Flood IV=89(89' World Series earthquake), 91(13th triangular number), 271(58th prime), 211(47th prime) kfw kabbalah, 218 lch kabbalah.
    This pile of shit actually worked on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010. A man named flood working on Deepwater, and fucking retards will say its just a coincidence. If I'm right about a "great" earthquake in northern Minnesota causing at least Lake Superior to flood so they can collect all the water, copper and nickel, then they've got the right cocksucker in a suit for it to happen.

    1. Fuck, just after typing all this I see an article about Minnesota wanting BP oil spill money to help Loons recover.
      Loons=250 in jewish,

  5. 1st games of the season --> GSW vs HOU and BOS vs CLE
    GSW lost with 121. BOS lost with 99.
    Terry Rozier wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey.