Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rockets last won the NBA Finals on Trumps 49th bday in the 49th season of the NBA-Thoughts on the Synchronicity of the Rockets from last years documentation.

Just thinking about tomorrow's Rockets vs Warriors game...

The game will be 111 days after the Super Bowl in which the Eagles won without their star QB. 
Christopher Emmanuel Paul=111
The NBA Finals=111
Game Six=111(reverse)

Also 5+26+20+18=69

The NBA Finals=69(Rev red)
Warriors=49=Kevin Durant=Green=Klay and more. 
The Rockets last won the NBA Finals in the 49th season the NBA...which was 23 seasons ago(Lebron 23). They also won the 49th season of the NBA on Donald Trump's 49th birthday. 
The finals that year also began on Mike Pence's 36th bday...

This year is the 72nd season of the NBA and the team who wins could potentially do it on Trump's 72nd bday. 
President Trump=72
Donald John Trump=185
The Santa Fe High school shooting near Houston on 18/5...that was 13 days before the finals begin. 13 being a big number in the playoffs(Harden # 13). 

Also I just discovered that "The NBA Finals"=531(satanic)...
This year the Finals being on 5/31. 

Game Seven=44(rev red), 91
Rockets=44(rev red), 91
Chris Paul=44
James Harden=44

Harden and Paul's bdays are 112 days apart. 
With the End date game 6 is played 112 days after the Super bowl. 

It's also interesting that the last time Chris Paul missed a game it was against the Kings and the first game he missed this season was against the Kings.....Remember the Kings/Isaiah Thomas sister were a big connection to to the Rockets last year....Also Demarcus Cousins getting injured against the Rockets and his first game with the Pelicans was against the Rockets...and playing New Orleans where Paul began his career. 
Cousins hurt on 1/26
Demarcus Amir Cousins=126
New Orleans=126
He tore his achilles....Isaih Thomas the Detroit Piston tore his achilles in 94' before the Rockets won the finals. 
Isaih Thomas=175=Detroit Pistons=Houston Rockets=Los Angeles Lakers=Isaiah Thomas(FB)=Golden State
DeMarcus Cousins tears achilles

You know thinking about it too...last year a big piece to all of the King/Rocket symbolism I was talking about my best friends brother who died in a car accident. I went to my first ever Michigan football game in the same car and Michigan beat Houston 50-3 and so on...I talked about how my cousin Timmy(Uncle Clancy's son) was a Rockets fan and he was in the car wreck as well. 
The reason I bring this up is because we got the death of Kyle Korver's brother who was named "Kirk"...which is the name of my best friends brother....Korver from Iowa/went to Creighton....just interesting as it's in a 1 to 2 hour distance of where I live...
Kirk Sturgill=59
Houston Rockets=59, 175(reverse)
Chris Sturgill=175
What else is funny is that I've mentioned a ton of stuff in regards to 10 days birthday in 1982 just so happens to be exactly 10 days before my best friends bday...11/10....11/20. 

Today on Facebook a local news story was about the longest serving president at Creighton dying age 81 too. 
Notice he became president in 81' and now dies age 81. 
Eighty One=108 and 108(rev red)
Creighton University=108

He died on the 144th day of the year. 
One Hundred Forty Four=108

You can't make this stuff up....I was looking at the picture from the article I clicked on about this....notice the picture is from June 14th, 1995....that was Trump's 49th bday and the day the Rockets last won the NBA Finals. 
MM....13...13  died in WW....23, 23...
81...Bridge symbolism...

Creighton just reminds me of the death of my Uncle Barney last year as well....he died at the Jesuit Creighton Hospital...he was a 4th degree Knight of Columbus....but remember he died 175 days after his bday...just before getting on hwy 175...I had synchroncity with the Flintstones on channel 175...he died just before the town where the high school team is the Falcons....his death connected to the Falcons in multiple ways...Matt Ryan born on 17/5....
Golden State=175(reverse)
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
Queen Elizabeth became queen in the 175th year of the US. 

In the stuff about my Uncle I also mentioned Chris and Allen symbolism.....There was stuff connected to my cousin Chris HOUSTON and when I lived in Mesa, Arizona.....just thinking about CHRIS Paul.....

Ok so one last thought....
Remember how this number is important to Korea...
Moon Jae-In elected president on 5/10
Peace Summit=510
Trump and Kim announced they were meeting on 5/10. 
Kim murdered his brother in Malaysia...his brothers bday was 5/10. 
Think about Dennis Rodman and the Basketball Diplomacy as well. 


  1. Are u saying rockets win tonight?

  2. Aaron Jackson on rockets has same bday as Chris paul. Wears number 5. Maybe he is foles replacing wentz which would be Chris paul

  3. If the Warriors season ended tonight...

    Golden State would close on their 25th loss. (Super Bowl 52?) on Houston's 66th Win:
    Twenty Five = 149 (EO) , / & 49 (RFF)
    Sixty Six = 149 (EO) / & (49) RFF)

  4. Twenty Five = 49
    Sixty Six = 49
    Warriors = 49

    Im looking for Houston to win tonight.

  5. Twenty Five = 121
    Warriors = 121

  6. Golden State would also be eliminated with their 6th post season loss

    6th triangular number is 21
    Steve Kerr will receive his 21st career playoff loss.

  7. That Creighton president died at St. Camillus hospice, which, for an extra layer of synchronicity, is a building I drive past whenever I go in to work.