Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WWE's Ariya Daivari says he's received Death Threats after Greatest Royal Rumble-Ring Collapse on RAW April 16th

What first really sticks out about this guy is where he is from and his bday. Born on 4/11 or 11/4.....his initials are AAD...which is 114. 
Greatest Royal Rumble=114(rev red)
Minneapolis, Minnesota=114(rev red)
I mentioned a while back that Minnesota has connections to Earthquakes...thinking about it in regards to the Greatest Royal RUMBLE...Also Hickok in the comments has been mentioning this a great deal. 
I'm also reminded of the Minnesota Mosque bombing in 2017...

What else sticks out is that this tweet comes on April 30th which was his brothers 34th birthday. The Greatest Royal Rumble was won by 34 year old Braun Strowman and came just after Wrestlemania 34 and so on..Lot's of 34 I've previously documented with the recent WWE stuff. 

Remember Strowman won at WM 34 with the 10 year old kid Nicholas....Nicholas is actually the son of WWE referee John Cone...
Not sure if it's connected but interesting..
Nicholas Cone=118, 206(reverse)
Ariya Daivari=118, 206(reverse)
Adam Joseph Scherr=163(Strowman's real name)
Ariya Arya Daivari=163

On the 107th day of the year just after WM 34, John Cone was injured during a match of Strowman and Big Show when the ring COLLAPSED....
Although this doesn't make sense as the 17th was a Tuesday not a Monday when Raw is held....good old Wikipedia wants us to see the 107 with a collapse though. 

Notice he was injured 5 months 1 day after his bday....The actual date was 4/16 which is still fitting with the end date too. 
Wrestler=39, 51(rev red)
John Cone=39
Monday Night Raw=206(rev red)

There has to be a connection to the Iron Sheik as well as he is a well known wrestler from Iran...

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