Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rockets score 92 points in loss to Warriors-Houston Astros vs Yankees-Rudy Giuliani gets booed-more 9/11 symbolism

In regards to the Houston symbolism possibly being connected to the Astros like last year....it's interesting the Astros beat the Yankees today. The Yankees are the team I've been watching for since last season.....
Also the Rockets lost with 92 points tonight. 
Houston Astros=51
They won 5-1 over the Yankees. 

Rudy Giuliani=150, 75(rev red), 69
World Series=150(reverse), 69(rev red)
Houston Astros=75(rev red)
Notice he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his leadership in the aftermath of 9/11 too. He was the mayor of New York in 2001 when the Yankees lost in the World Series and also during 9/11. 

Today was also Giuliani's 74th bday...how fitting. 
Birthday=48(rev red)
Nine Eleven=48(rev red)
World Trade=48
New York=48
Bill De Blasio=48(Current Mayor of New York)
Think about all the other 48's I have mentioned lately. It's probably the most important number I have been seeing...
Donald Trump=48=Kim Jong Un=Russia and so on...
The 114th World Series.....
World War=114 and so on....

The 2001 World Series came to an end on 11/4 even. 
The 92 win Diamondbacks won it. 

Today also being the 148th day of the year and 148 days before the World Series begins. 

Twin Towers=624(rev sumerian)

The Mariners are also really important to the 9/11 symbolism. Interesting the Astros are now in their divison although they weren't in 2001. 

This doesn't necessarily have to be connected but for some reason I keep thinking about George Bush being hospitalized in Maine. In 2013 before I knew Gematria or made videos.  I was following a pattern with Maine...There was even a story that came out with a transgender named Nichole Maines on 6/12....Bush's bday...There was also the SNL "Maine Justice" skits that synced up with a Maine guy who died on the 4th of July...There were a bunch of stories about Maine...I think a fake kidnapping story......I documented a lot about Stephen KING in regards to Maine at the time as well. Thinking about Stand by Me, the new "It" film...
I feel like there is something missing that I'm not seeing the significance of in regards to Bush and Maine...Possibly the 11/22/63 book in regards to the JFK assassination...

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  1. Interesting Parallels, that indicate Bush going home to die. The 41st President is from Milton, MA. Massachusetts & Maine the "23rd" state are a part of the "New England Region". "23"(2x3=6) is the 9th prime and "New Hampshire" is the "9th" state to enter the union. New Hampshire is a part of the "New England Region" as well and Massachusetts is the "6" state to enter the union(6/9). "Mason Orders"=612 and "Manchurian"=612(Like 6/12) A reflection "612" is "621" and
    The "Summer Solstice" is on 6/21 this year. "Number Of A Man"=621(Reverse Satanic)
    "Mark Of The Beast"=90(9)Reverse Single Red.
    "Stephen Edwin King"=90(9)Jewish Red.
    "Murder By Numbers"=90(9)Reverse Full Red.