Monday, May 14, 2018

Seattle area stories in mainstream-Southwest-Boeing

There have been a lot of stories involving Seattle lately. I haven't had time to look into any of them this weekend, but wanted to point them out. 

I wonder if the real reason we kept getting those Southwest Airlines stories is because they want us to see Boeing? 
Remember Trump wanted to cancel the order for Boeing to make a new Air Force One in 2016. Now in 2018 Boeing is making a new Air Force One for 3.9 billion dollars. 
The film Air Force One is about the terrorists trying to start a new Cold War as well...

Southwest=48(rev red)
Kim Jong Un=48(rev red)
Donald Trump=48
Think about the connections to Hawaii as well in regards to "Southwest" where Hawaii is located in the US. 

Hopefully get the chance to look more at some of these stories tomorrow or tomorrow night. 


  1. The Seattle Supersonics(Sonic/Masonic)moved to Oklahoma and became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008, "Monopoly=28". They have one NBA Championship in 1979(79), 79 is the 22nd prime. The MVP of that game was Dennis Wayne Johnson. Johnson wore #3, has "3" championships(33) and he died at the age of "52" in AUSTIN, Texas on February 22, 2007. His jersey # was "3" and he died on the 22nd,(79th Prime) like "322". Also, February 22nd is George WASHINGTON's birthday (Seattle WASHINGTON/George WASHINGTON).

    "Dennis Wayne Johnson"=513(Rev Franc Baconis) Like 5/13-Dennis Rodman's birthday is 5/13 and he is from TEXAS and has a connection to Trump & Kim Jong Un.
    "Founding Father"=888(English Sumerian)
    "Donald J. Trump"=888(English Sumerian)
    "Dennis Wayne Johnson"=888(Reverse Satanic)
    These numerous stories about Airplanes and 2017 ended with a "LABRATS Knats" Train Wreck in Dupont WASHINGTON and Isiah Thomas(Celtics) sister died in a car crash (22 yrs old) reminds me of the movie "Planes Trains And Automobiles".
    "Planes Trains And Automobiles"=299(English Ordinal) The 299th prime is "1979". The year the Seattle Sonics won their 1st and only Championship.
    James Earl Carter Jr (aka Jimmy Carter) was U.S. President in 1979. Carter is the 39th President (like 3.9 billion) and he is "93" yrs old(93/39). He was also the 3rd President to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
    "Jimmy Carter"=322

    1. Also, "Airplanes"=888(Reverse English Sumerian)