Monday, May 21, 2018

Golden State Warriors win by 41 points in Game 3.

The Warriors win by 41 points tonight lol. Such a joke..
Golden State=41
Oakland=41(rev red)
I haven't looked much into the Warriors since learning reverse Gematria...I just realized that..
Steph Curry=117(reverse)
Golden State Warriors=117(rev red)

The Warriors record was previously from 4/6..1948 when they won by 39 points. 
Notice it was 70 years....1 month 14 days ago...
Philadelphia Warriors=114
Interesting they won with 85 points that day and the Rockets lose with 85 points tonight. 
Also notice the game was on 4/6 and St. Louis lost with 46 points. 

This also sticks out to me because it involves the year 48'...something I've recently been saying is special. 

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