Sunday, May 27, 2018

Warriors win Game 6 with 115 points-2016 injury of Curry and Paul-Hurricane Harvey-Harvey Weinstein-Matt Harvey

The Rockets lose game 6 with 86 points?...The same day Astronaut Alan Bean dies age 86 in Houston...

Also this game was without Chris Paul...remember how it's connected to 2016 when Paul broke his hand and Curry hurt his knee against the Warriors on the 115th day. All season in 2016 I kept showing how 115 was "bad" for the Warriors.....Now they win in the game the Rockets are missing Chris Paul with 115 points. 
Possibly this is just showing us Cavs winning the finals again, or Warriors losing in the Finals...I still think it's for the Rockets to upset the Warriors though.
That 2016 series was all about "water" as well....Houston had the "Tax Day Flood" that year...then Steph fell on a wet spot....the Splash Brothers raining 3's. 
Curry also injured his ankle in Game 1 that series...then in Game 2 the Warriors won with 115 points...then Rockets won Game 3...Then Curry hurt on the 115th day...
Paul injured on April 25th that year which is normally the 115th day but was the 116th day in 2016....He did it against the Blazers who went on to lose the Warriors.....
Also remember how there was an article about Chris Paul supposedly leaving Houston because of Austin RIVERS. He began his career in 2005 in New Orleans the same year as Katrina. He left Los Angeles just before they lose to Houston in the World Series all about the Flood of Harvey...
Also note the Warriors streak in 2015-16 was broke by the Bucks 1 month 15 days into the  season....remember how the Rockets just beat the Warriors 16 game Home win streak in the playoffs....the Bucks beat the Warriors 16 game streak....The news just had the story of Bucks player Sterling Brown.

Another thought in regards to the Flood.....they just brought out the story of HARVEY Weinstein turning himself in...they want us to think about Harvey again...
Hurricane Harvey=86
Harvey hit Texas the day before James Harden's bday...

I never noticed that Harvey Weinstein was born in the year 52' until now. 
Houston Flood=52(rev red)
Remember Matt Harvey was the first pitcher to pitch against Houston in Houston after the was 52 days before the World Series. 
The story of him going to turn himself in was 2 months 5 days after his bday...."Flood"=25, 52.....It was also 66 days after his 66th bday. 

We recently got the story of Matt Harvey being traded to the Reds as well....The Reds were the team that Houston tied in 2005 which was the last tie before the Cubs tied in 2016. 
Katrina in 2005.
The Eagles lost to the Patriots in 2005. 
It's funny too in regards to 2016 being the 112th world series that many thought would be playing the Cubs as "Houston"=112. The Cubs played Cleveland instead...think about how that plays in here. 

Harvey even traded to the Reds the same day his former team played the Reds....Interesting the Astros played Oakland that day too. 

Interesting that Boston Red Sox lost today to the Braves and now the Astros vs Indians game is in the 13th inning...We'll see what happens in this game....
Also interesting that the Red Sox play the Astros the same day the NBA Finals begin. 
Remember the Celtics beat the Rockets in the 86' NBA Finals...

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  1. The 86 thing makes me believe celtics vs rockets finals possibly