Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NFL requires players to stand for anthem on 5/23-Steve Kerr calls out Trump-Lebron "U Bum" story

What a perfect day to bring back the standing during the national anthem crap. Today is 5/23...
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Notice the only 3 numbers you can make out clearly in the picture are 88, 10, 25....
Trump=25, 88
Kneel=25, 88
Colin Kaepernick=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88

Think about all of the "10" stuff I have documented with Trump as well that was all connected to the Helter Skelter Theory/Marilyn Manson....

The other story below that is of Steve Kerr calling out Trump for his NFL attacks. Remember the day we got the story of Trump calling out the NFL was on 9/23, which was the same day Lebron James called Trump "U Bum". Lebron and the Cavs visited the White House the same day Trump did in 2016 after winning the election. Lebron said this because Trump had beef with Steph Curry who wasn't going to attend the White House because of Trump. 
Remember the NBA Finals begin 8 months 8 days after 9/23...the Shut Up and Dribble stuff makes more sense now too as it was on the 48th day and a lot of other 48...
48th prime is 223..
The Star Spangled Banner=223
Kaepernick=48 and 223(Jewish)

Also I want to point out the headline of Jay-Z saying Kaepernick is "An Iconic figure"=624(satanic). 

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