Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Melania Trump's Kidney Surgery-JFK Assassination

Melania Trump=73(rev red), 181(reverse)
Kidney Surgery=73, 181
Melanija Knavs=42(maiden name)
First Lady=42
42nd prime number is 181. 

It's also interesting this story comes when she is 48 years old...
Donald Trump=48
Trump winning the election was the biggest upset since 1948..he won on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down...
It's fitting she would go in on the anniversary of Israel declaring it's independence as well....Declared in 48'. 

Melania Trump=53
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center=241(rev red)
53rd prime is 241...
241st year of US...
North Korea=53
Korean War ended in 53'. 
Moon Jae In born on 24/1 in the year 53'. 
Benign Kidney Conditon=114
Melanija Knavs=114
Kim Jong Un=114

This article talking about the thoughts of Dr. Sanjay Gupta...
Dr. Sanjay Gupta=612(satanic)
He's currently 48 years old...

It's also interesting the hospital named after "Walter Reed" who died on 11/22...
Walter Reed=48
JFK died on 11/22 and his autopsy supposedly done at the Walter Reed hospital...

This story come 10 days before the anniversary of the Trump's meeting Pope Francis....Remember all of the 144 and meeting Pope in regards to JFK assassination and Trump?
JFK prounounced dead at Parkland Memorial Hospital....
Think about the Parkland, Florida(Stoneman Douglas) shooting. 
All of the James Paxton stuff reminding us of the death of Bill Paxton who was at the JFK parade where he was assassinated. 

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  1. I found an interesting tibit about Melania's home country Slovenia. The Society of Unknown Philosophers says they have their secret library there. Don't know what it means.
    "This Central and Supreme Sovereign Body to physically function and its Central Archives and Registry of the Society to be kept in the country of Slovenia"