Thursday, May 24, 2018

NBA's Sterling Brown arrest in Milwaukee-Warriors 16-0 Streak broke by Milwaukee-Lebron James

Notice this story comes 102 days after his bday on 10/2. 
The Civil War began on the 102nd day. 
Of course a black guy arrest story would come the same day the media is telling us black people lose again in regards to the NFL and standing during the national anthem. 

Sterling Damarco Brown=231
National Anthem=231

Notice he was drafted to Philadelphia....the team connected to the Warriors...also played his first game against the Cavaliers.
Notice he wears # 23...
I'm listening to Zach's radio show now and he just talked about Lebron wearing #23 losing on the 23rd day....

The Cavs had 83 points.....83 is the 23rd prime number. 
The series is now 2-3. 

February 10th is the 41st day...
The 13th prime is 41. 
The final score of the game was 83+96=179
Cavs lost by 13. 
179 is the 41st prime number. 
This is Lebron's 13th playoff season. 

Remember the Warriors set a record becoming 16-0 to open the season in 2015-16 the year the Cavs won the finals. 
Remember they beat the Lakers....then lost the next game to the Milwaukee Bucks...
Sterling Brown=175(reverse)
Golden State=175(reverse)
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)

The Rockets just broke the Warriors 16-0 home playoff win streak too. 
The Warriors also lost after winning 54 Home in 2016...and they lost to none other than the Boston Celtics. 

Milwaukee Bucks=156
Boston Celtics=156

Sterling is a brother to Shannon Brown...just interesting as he won 2 championships with the Lakers, but was drafted to Cleveland...
I also find it funny that he was named after Sterling and Shannon Sharpe....someone called into the Radio show tonight and brought up Shannon Sharpe loving Lebron James even...

This story comes out 117 days after it actually happened. 
Golden State Warriors=117
Steph Curry=117
It happened in a Walgreens parking lot. 
Golden State=41=Oakland
41 is the 13th prime number
James Harden wears # 13....remember the Rockets stopped the Blazers from winning 13 in a row this season. 

Lebron James=66(rev red)

The last thought I have is in regards to his name being "Sterling". Remember the racism in the NBA got really big because of DONALD Sterling....then Adam Silver replaced David Stern as commissioner....Sterling...Silver......A clipper ship was a ship that was used in slave trading after it was outlawed by the US....Stern is the back of the boat....this is funny to me too in regards to the caller tonight talking about Maritime Law. 

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