Friday, May 18, 2018

Cuban Plane Crash-Donald Trump-Fidel Castro-9/11-Stock Market-Standing During the National Anthem-Valentines Day Massacre-Thoughts about Old Documented info

Yet another Plane story this year. Of course it was a Boeing 747....
What sticks out right away is that today is the 138th day of the year also written as 18/5. 
Donald Trump=138
Donald John Trump=185
World Trade Center=185
Stock Market Crash=185
Think about Cuba in regards to the Cold War symbolism as well. 
Cuban Missile-North Korean Missile-Russian Missile....
Also Pope Francis in 2015 visiting Cuba before visiting the US. 
Also Fidel Castro's bday was 13/8. 
Fidel Castro=185(reverse)
Cuban Plane Crash=138
Also I want to point out that July 4th is the 185th day of the year...
Remember Obama was the first acting president to visit Cuba in 88 years...the last being "John Calvin Coolidge"=88 who was born on 7/4 and died 185 days after his bday. Coolidge was the president during the 1929 St. Valentines Day Massacre and then Hoover became president not even a month later....Hoover....Hoover was the president during the Stock Market crash in which we are in the 88th anniversary..."Trump"=88...Remember Kaepernick(Kneeling) made comments about Castro while in Miami and the story came out 8 months 8 days after Obama arrived in Cuba. 
The Star Spangled Banner=88=Colin Kaepernick=Kneel=Great Garrison Flag=US Bank Stadium...Herbert Hoover..HH=88. 
Herbert Hoover=159=Donald Trump=Francis Key

Today is also 5 months 23 days after the 1 year anniversary of Castro dying...
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Notice it's 77 weeks exactly as well.  
World Trade Center=77=September Eleventh...
Flight 77 hitting the 77 foot tall pentagon on the 77th meridian exacty 77 minutes after takeoff. 

Today is also 27 days before Donald Trump's bday. 
Remember Trump won the election on the 27th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down and the construction of the Wall began on 13/8. 

Also the 104 passengers sticks out because Castro died 104 days after his bday. 
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz=104 and 113(s)...

Interesting as well that today is 104 days(end date) after the Super Bowl coded to the Stock Market...
Without the end date it's 103 days...
Stock Market Crash=103(rev red)
Remember the Super Bowl began 103 days after the 88th anniversary of Black Thursday...
A few other interesting 104's...
One World Trade Center is 104 floors. 

Also interesting that today is 206 days after the anniversary of Black Thursday...also 6 months 24 days...
Black Thursday=206(reverse) also 919(Jewish)
I only write 919 in here because it was a significant date(9/19) in regards to what I talked about with Cuba in past years...
Pope Francis visited Cuba on 9/19 the 262nd day...
Obama visited Cuba 26 weeks 2 days after Pope Francis..
9/19..2014 was the day I got my first Youtube Copyright Claim. 
The video was about 
"Ramona Quimby Age Eight"=103, 104(rev red) also 911(satanic)
I got that strike on the 262nd day. I fixed the video and then got another claim 177 days later...The 177th day is 6/26....then another on 6/8 which was 262 days after my original Copyright claim on the 262nd day. 

I wouldn't doubt if we get the death of Ramona Quimby writer this year. Notice she turned 102 years old this year on the 102nd day of the year. (Although she was born in a leap year on the 103rd day). 
9/11 supposedly lasted 102 minutes. 
Al Qaeda=102(Jewish)
United States of America=102
Civil War began on 102nd day.(Slavery=102). 
 Thinking about the "Beverly Hills" John Stamos/Patrick Beverly post I did not too long ago as well. 
The Price is Right=102=Drew Carey=Bill Cullen

Anyway Cleary's books also began with the "Henry Huggins" series..

Also in regards to 262...a bunch was about Queen Elizabeth II....Hillary Clinton clinching the nomination 262 days after Pope Francis went to Cuba...the headline had Bernie Sanders with a raised fist and said.."the Struggle continues"=262..."Clinton"=262(Jewish)

James Garfield dying on 9/19...

Hillary Clinton=206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206
Remember Trump and Hillary synced to the World Series...
Donald Trump=76(rev red)...
Cleveland Indians=76

Also in regards to 9/11 symbolism, I almost forgot that in 2016 Hillary Clinton Collapsed on 9/11 the same day we got a plane crash in Reno, Nevada. Then remember in November Trump had to be rushed off stage because someone yelled "gun" and Janet RENO died 2 days later. 
9/11 to the anniversary of Black Tuesday is also 48 days. 

Kaepernick also went to college in Reno. 

Also you know how I just documented about my friend and the Matrix.....He's actually half Cuban....his dad swam/or small boat to the United States when he was young..before my friend was born. It's always been something we laughed about because people used to think we were brothers...he even used my old ID so we could go to the bar together before he was 21. It was just funny as he was half Cuban and I'm white as white can be, and people thought we were brothers all the time.  
Thomas James Alfonso=206
You just can't make this up lol...
With the End Date my Grandma also died 206 days before my Uncle Clancy too....
June 8th...the 68 stuff with 9/ also the day that leaves 206 days in the year...Also Barbara Bush's bday...
June 8th also 262 days after 9/19(262nd) day that I mentioned above. For sure a date to watch out for some major symbolism. 

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