Saturday, May 19, 2018

Greg Abbott governor ot Texas shares a bday with Metta World Peace-First to Use Wheelchair since George Wallace

Zach's post on Santa Fe shooting and 1214

I started looking more into the governor of Texas after reading a few of Zach's posts. 
What I find interesting is that Greg Abbott shares a bday with Ron Artest/Metta World Peace who I just documented about last night. I also talked about him in regards to Houston and the Rockets possibly being in the NBA we get this shooting in the Houston Area connected to a guy who shares the bday of Ron Artest? 
Notice he's also the first governor to permanently use a wheelchair since George Wallace....Remember John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate Reagan because Arthur Bremer trying to assassinate George Wallace. That attempt on Wallace was in "Laurel, Maryland"...I can't help but think of the "Laurel or Yanni" retarded shit. 

This story happens 6 months 5 days after his bday...
Gregory Abbott=65

He's the 48th governor of Texas...
11/13 leaves 48 days in the year..
I've talked a lot about 48 again recently too. 
Donald Trump=48
Wins the biggest election upset since the year 48'. Just before the closest Super Moon since 48' and the Indians lose in the World Series and hadn't won since 48'. "Cleveland"=48(rev red)
Mexican American War ended in 48'. 
Mike Pence the 48th vice president. 
Kim Jong Un=48
John Boehner=48
Paul Ryan is 48 years old..
I mention this because Abbott became the governor during the 114th Congress in which Boehner retired and Ryan took over.. 
World War=48 and 114. 
George Wallace=114
Nine Eleven=48

Abbott even married to a "Mexican-American". 

They are now saying 10 dead 10 wounded...

When you look up Santa Fe, Texas it even tells of a significant event with the KKK on Valentines of 1981. 
Today is the 138th day..."Ku Klux Klan"=138
Donald Trump=138 and so on...

They had a scare on 2/28 which was the 59th day of the year.
Valentines=59(Rev red)
Pope Francis=59
Ron Artest=59
Houston Rockets=59

This shooting also comes 93 days after the Stoneman Douglas shooting. 
Saturn=93, 69(reverse), 42(rev red)
Santa Fe=42(rev red)

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  1. The Houston Astros had a moment of silence yesterday before their game for the shooting. Guess who the Astros played? Yeah, the Cleveland Indians.