Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bill Russell hospitalized with Heart Problem

Zach has been talking about Bill Russell dying age 83 or 84 for a long time now. Now Bill Russell age 84 is hospitalized just before the NBA Finals lol. Even if he doesn't die it's just so obvious he's being used in the coding. He's a famous Boston Celtic, but has a lot of connections to Lebron we have Lebron James and the Cavs playing the Celtics with the winner being in the NBA Finals. 
Bill Russell=42, 141, 75(rev red), 156(reverse)
Lebron James=42
Boston Celtics=48, 156
It's the same numbers I have been documenting a lot of lately too. 

World War=42
World War III=141, 75(rev red), 156(reverse)
48 a big number as well. 
Cleveland=48(rev red)
The NBA Finals=48

Thinking about people saying the Warriors are dominating similar to the Celtics of the past...
William Russell=59, 185
Negro=59=Slave and so on...Notice he's born on the anniversary of the NAACP as well....the 43rd day of the year....
Civil War=43...Lincoln born on 43rd day...died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began...became president on 4/3....The Civil War began 59 days after Lincoln's bday...The Civil War came to an end on 5/9...."Forty Three"=59
I could go on and on...

The Celtics are also playing the Cavs tonight on the date 19/5....
Boston Celtics=195(reverse)

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  1. Nice Work! On 6/5/2014(214), Game "1" of the NBA Finals (Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs) LeBron James suffered from dehydration. Which caused him to have severe leg cramps and he had to be carried off the court. Russell was given a "Dehydration Diagnosis".
    "Dehydration Diagnosis"=103(Full Red.) 103 is the 27th Prime and LeBron scored "27" points last night.
    "Gregg Charles Popovich"=214(Like 2014, Spurs won the NBA Finals in 2014)
    Popovich began coaching in "1973" and the NY Knicks won their 2nd Championship in "1973"
    David Fizdale, the newly hired Coach for the Knicks is "43" years old

    On 1/15/2018, Dr. J he became ill and was taken to the hospital and released while attending a 76er's game against the "Pistons". He was "67" at the time and Dr. J(Like Doctor/Hospital) turned "68" on February 2(2/22, 222). Feb. 22nd is the birthday of the 1st US Freemason President, George WASHINGton(BrainWASHING). The wife of Spur's Coach Gregg Popovich (Erin Popovich) died at the age of "67" on 4/18/2018. April 18th the 108 day, leaving 257 days remaining(Gregorian/Gregg Popovich).
    "Sixty Seven Years"=68(Full Red.)
    "Erin Popovich"=298(Franc Baconis) The 298th prime is "1973"
    "Chyna Thomas"=222(Like 2/22, died at the age of "22" last year-Car Accident)
    "Car Crash"=222(Primes) and 68(Jewish Ord.)

    "Game Five"=68(Full Red.)Game 5 is in Boston. Maybe Russell will attend?
    "Game Five"=888(Rev.Eng.Sumerian)8x8x8=512
    "Chyna Thomas"=512(Satanic)
    The NAACP Anniversary reference reminds me of ThurGOOD Marshall the 1st alleged Supreme Court Judge who looks mixed race like Obama. Marshall connect to Marshall University, Mike D'Antoni and Hal Greer attended Marshall Unversity(WE Are Marshall Plane Crash). Thurgood Marshall died at the age of "84" on 1/24/1993(Russell 84 yrs old). Obama and Markle birthday's are August 4th(8/4,84). Prince Harry and LeBron were born in 1984.
    "Thurgood Marshall"=75(75 People died in the We Are Marshall Plane Crash)
    "New World Order"=75
    "Order Out Of Chaos"=75/84/222