Monday, April 10, 2017

Comment on old video-showing me the same numbers I keep talking about-Craig Sager(reverse)

Today I got a comment on an old video. It's the only comment I got today so I figured I would just look into it as these usually have a connection to what I'm talking about. 
I am not saying this person is bad, I'm just showing yet another odd sync. 

It's interesting as I just got done talking about the Rockets and also how I talked about the Cavs earlier in the season. I said the Cavs were before I knew about Reverse gematria and what not. I also talked about 116 as 1/16 was the day Eugene Cernan died. 

Also how interesting that Craig Sager died 3 months 26 days ago. This is a big number I keep being shown and talking about. 

The town I live in adds to 116 just noting it. 
Dunlap, Iowa=116
Craig Sager Death Youtube Video
Anyway in my Sager video I mention how he died 168 days before the NBA Finals. 

Cleveland Cavaliers=168
He died age 65 which is synced up to the Royal Family and "Prince"=65.....the Cavaliers followers of King Charles and so on..

Check this out..."Craig Sager"=65(red rev)
Renoir Monet=65
In the video I even mention the connection to Pope Francis/Royalty and 313. 
313 the 65th prime number. 
Craig Graham Sager Sr=313(reverse)
Craig Graham Sager Sr=166(Jewish)
Anyway just documenting it real quick. I have to go back to work. I really need to go back and re examine some of my old posts in regards to reverse as I think there will be a lot more clues. 

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