Sunday, April 16, 2017

Death of Chyna Thomas-Isaiah Thomas' sister in Washington 4/15/17

Isaiah Thomas' sister dies in a car crash yesterday. 
She was 22 years old. 

She dies in KING County....
Isaiah Thomas wore # 22 when he played for the Sacramento KINGS. 
Death of Fab Melo and more
Remember he's also connected to 923 and also 166.  
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=166
Something I just noticed too....
Adam Silver=166(reverse)

Her death comes 9 months 23 days before Thomas' 29th bday. 


If you include the End Date, his sister dies 2 months 9 days after his bday. 
Without the end date it's 2 months 8 days after his 28th bday. 

She dies on I-5 in Federal Way, Washington...
Federal Way, Washington=95

Federal Way not named that until 1929. 

It also says Federal Way is bordered by Des Moines and Kent. 
Possibly nothing but Des Moines reminds me of the capital of Iowa...the 29th state. The stock market crash in 1929 when Herbert Hoover...the only president from Iowa was president. Black Tuesday of the Crash happened on the 29th of October. 
Nineteen Twenty Nine=91
The Great Depression=91
2017 will be the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. 
Interstate Five=88(rev red)
I can't remember all of it, but I have videos in regards to Iowa and 29....Kinnick Stadium built in 1929 and so on. 
Nile Kinnick wore # 24...died age 24.....Iowa=24(red rev). 
Iowa has Interstate 29...

In regards to the Space theme...John Glenn became the oldest person in space age 77 on STS-95 that launched on the 69th anniversary of Black Tuesday in 1998.....98' Toyota Camry....The Bulls won in 98'...Celtics playing the Bulls. Who knows just noting it. 

Interesting I also own a Toyota Camry, that looks pretty close to this car. This is a 1998 but mines a 2000. I should've taken a better picture as the front end is smashed up a bit too. I hit a deer the first day I drove it to work and never fixed it. 

Toyota Camry=156
Boston Celtics=156
Isaiah Thomas sister=156(EP)
Herbert Clark Hoover=156(EP)
She dies 156 days after my bday. 
The accident was 2 months 8 days after Isaiah's 28th bday. 
Twenty Eight=156
Adam Silver=156(FB)

Around 5am on I-5?. 
5 months 5 days after my bday? 
Dan Behrendt=95

I Five=33
Thirty Three=66, 156
Tacoma Washington=66(where Isaiah is from)
Boston Celtics=66(S)
Bulls=33(red rev) and 66(simple)

There also has to be some type of joke in regards to her name being Chyna and dying in Washington. Trump's relations reversed with Russia down and China up. 

Blac Chyna....Chyna the wrestler?

Of course Barkley gets an article about him in regards to this too. 
Something I just realized in regards to him..
Charles Barkley=140

Wizards? Jordan's old Team. 
Today when this story came out 4/ the 14th anniversary of Jordan's final NBA Game. 

Ha as I'm typing this up I checked out Zach's blog to see if he had posted about this. Of course he talks about the weirdness that he just talked about Isaiah Thomas and how close he lives to this accident. I've been saying for a while now that there is some odd connection to him and I. (Gabriel stuff and more). 

I also found this guy named Isaiah Thomas...
He's the first to read the declaration of independence in public. 

He fled from Boston to Worcester on 4/16. 

haha I just turned the game on and Isaiah Thomas gets his 33rd point. Now the Celtics foul Butler with 3.3 seconds left. 

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