Thursday, April 27, 2017

Montagraph's latest video 166 and Mary who called into the Gematria Effect tonight.

Earlier today I was just doing my random research and checked out Zach's blog. I saw he posted about 166 a number that I have been talking about being significant for months. 
Reverse Gematria=166 and a lot more. 
Zach's Blog Post
Anyway Zach listed a bunch of 166's because Montagraph made a new video telling him to be ready for One Six Six in the next few days. Possibly connected to New York and what not. 
Zach even mentions in the post that he just watched my video in which I talk a lot about 166, so I figured I would leave a comment and add a bit to his post. 

I left this comment on Zach's blog about it. There's a lot more to it but I tried making it simple. 
I mentioned the Zechariah, Daniel and Mary stuff as it really has been an important thing I've been documenting in regards to Gabriel. 
He only came to these people according to the Bible. Honestly ever since posting this comment I wondered if there was a "Truthseeking" or whatever you want to call it....girl named Mary that would add to what I have been experiencing in regards to this. It's just something that was on my mind, I never searched for it just thought about it. 

Just to show Montagraph put the video up 166 days after my bday. 

So I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and when the phone lines finally work some lady calls in and tells Zach she is Montagraph's latest victim. Of course her name would be MARY. 

Mary Tofflemire=166
Notice the video where Montagraph targets her was on 3/3. 

Mary's Youtube picture is hands with a 33...and something else I can't make out.  

Today is 54 days after the video on 3/3. 
I currently have 54 notifications it says too. 
Oddly she mentions how she doesn't want anyone to hurt her Pet Pig...then mentions how she called Montagraph a Pig. 


Ever since Zach's house was crashed into and the dead squirrel video things have been super ramped up in my life. The # 166 I found was super important as well in regards to multiple things including my own life just after this. 

I mean what are the odds I'm sitting next to 2 pig toys. One stuffed animal and one piggy bank?
Before my daughter Claire went upstairs to bed she made me wrap the baby pig in a blanket and to watch her pigs. I said...yeah I will...just to make her happy you know and then just forgot about it. Then I hear MARY calling into the show and was like really? A bit later I look over and realize I'm supposed to be taking care of 2 pigs.... That's some pretty strange stuff. 

I just went to Zach's video that Montagraph was referring to in his 3/3 video. Of course at the top of the comments is someone named "Archangel 777". 
I mean I just posted about how the 7's were important to the film Arrival, The Ring and the Archangels.
Also 33 likes and 3 replies?

They even have 77 subs right now and a Space Theme banner. 
Earlier I rewatched the "How bout Dat" girl's music video she was promoting and in the video it had a bunch of Space/Rockets...Trump in a Helicopter/North Korea Rockets stuff. 
How Bout Dat Girls Music video-Mook Boy-Space-Rockets


  1. Man, I think they are messing with everyone. Derek just put out a video about him thinking they might thrown a "nod/tribute" to him

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