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NASA-NBA Finals-Houston Rockets-Cleveland Cavaliers-Apollo 11 and 12-Steven Adams wears Nasa shirt

Steven Adams wears Nasa T-Shirt after loss to Rockets on 113th 
As I was making the last post, I was listening to Zach's videos. I guess Steven Adams wore a Nasa T-shirt after the Thunder lost to the Rockets today. 
Rockets won with 113 points on the 113th day. 
Nasa established on 7+29+19+58=113
Today's game was hilarious too without numbers. At the end of the game they were making mistakes that pro's would never make. For example Harden going to the hoop instead of wasting the clock, then Nene fouls when they are winning. 

Total score of 222.....the triple double. 
I made numerous videos where I talked about Russell Westbrook and 222 back in 2014-2015. 
Anyway it made me look up Nasa. 
Notice the anniversary of Nasa being established is 58 days after the NBA Finals begin this year. 
Nasa established in 1958 and right now in the 58th year of existence. 

A big thing in the game today was how Nene was 12-12. 
Maybyner Hilario=113(e)...Nene's real name. 
Maybyner Hilario=175(simple)
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)

Nene averaging 12 pts per game in his career. 
Twelve=42  he wears # 42. 

Notice Steven Adams wears # 12 and was the 12th pick in the draft. 

Adams highest scoring game was 24 points...12+12 against the Rockets on 12/9/16. 
The game before that he scored 12 points. Notice both the games have a score of 102-99=201. 
7/20 the 201st day of the year. 

Today 88 days before Adams bday on the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. 
Oklahoma City Thunder=88

Nene signed with the Rockets on Steven Adams 23rd bday.
His season high was 18 points getting his 12th double digit game over the Thunder on 1/ now he goes 12-12 against the Thunder. 
I mean why is that even written in there on wiki? lol He scored 21 points against the 76ers on 1/27. It's written in there because we are supposed to see the significance of 12 to him. 
Today's game on 4/23 was also his 33rd double digit game this season. 

He scored 12 points in the game against Cleveland.This game was also his 12th double digit scoring game after his 12th on 1/5. 

The Cleveland game was 7 months 20 days after Nene signed with the Rockets on 7/20 the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing. 

That game was also 4 months 8 days before the 48th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. 
48th prime 223.....A number connected to the Cavs/Royal Family/Trump....
Apollo 11 launched on 7/16 which leaves 168 days in the year. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

1/5 to 4/23 is 3 months 18 days or 108 days. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)
Golden State Warriors=108

Nene scored 12 points on 1/13 too. 

Nene also scored 12 points on 12/21 and 12/12. 

The Rockets only played the Cavs 2 times this season. 
11/1/16 and 3/12/17. 
Notice 7/20 to 11/1 is 3 months 12 days too. 

The games were 131 days apart. 

With all the 12's it made me look up Apollo 12 which also landed on the moon. 
Also 12 men have walked on the Moon. We just got the death this year of Eugene Cernan who was the last to walk on the moon. 
Apollo 12 launches on 11+14+19+69=113
Cernan was the last to walk on the Moon but Harrison Schmitt was the 12th person. 
He was also only in space for 12 days. 
Just funny I just posted about Harrison earlier tonight. 
Cernan died 168 days before Harrison's 82nd bday. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

Apollo 12 launched 117 days after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. 
November 14th the 318th day of the year. 
The Cavs vs Rockets game on 3/12 score was 117-112...
If you include the End Date 7/20 to 11/14 is 3 months 26 days. 
The big number I kept being shown in regards to Gabriel. 

November 14th to 3/12 is 3 months 26 days. 
Apollo 12 landed on the Moon on November 19th...which means it was 113 days before 3/12 as well. 
7/20 to 11/19 is 122 days. 
Golden State=122...

Remember November 14th was the closest supermoon since 1948. 
The year of the biggest election upset in American history. 
Donald Trump=48
11/14 was Prince Charles bday...born in 48'
Cavaliers and Charles connected to English Civil War. 
The Cleveland Indians last won the world series in 48'
Israel declared it's independence in 48'. 
A lot more 48 I have mentioned. 
2017 will be the 48th anniversary of landing on the moon. 

Apollo Twelve=166(reverse)
Alan Bean=166(reverse) 

I was just re looking at Isabella I of Castile earlier today and writing this post I noticed that on July 16th in the year 1212 
was a significant turning point in the Reconquista. 

When reading through the battle it tells us it was written about in Fiction by Harry HARRISON. 

It was this book right here. It talks about Christopher Columbus not discovering america and what not along with other alternatives in history. I keep saying the Flat Earth/Columbus stuff(NBA) is connected to the Space Theme. 

Harry Harrison born on 3/12. Died in the year 12'. 

His most famous works are parodies/homages to Space Opera's. So making fun of Space. 

Thinking about how Houston is connected to Space in regards to Space Jam. The years Michael Jordan was retired/didn't play the full season the Rockets won the Finals. 
Chicago Bulls=112
The Rockets beat "Orlando Magic"=112 in 1995. 
and in 1994 they beat the New York Knicks who are named after the Washington Irving hoax. Irving the guy who popularized the Flat Earth. 

In the 1994 Finals, all 3 games the Knicks won, they scored 91 points. 

Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
Aaron Hernandez's death all about Mercury reminds me of the John Glenn and the Mercury Seven too. 

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