Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pancakes-Charlie Murphy-Cee Lo Green-some thoughts

Trying to piece together some things so just documenting as always. Possibly not all connected but I don't want to forget some of this stuff. 
Possibly this has already been mentioned in regards to the death of Charlie Murphy but I'm gonna post it anyway. Earlier tonight my daughter wanted Pancakes for supper. We didn't have any pancake mix, so I looked up online how to make homeade pancakes. I honestly have never made them without store bought mix before. I also cannot remember the last time I have even made pancakes it's been so long. 

After I made pancakes I sat down and worked on some new songs we added to our set list for tomorrow night's gig. The only song I really needed to work on was the Cee Lo Green "Fuck You" song. It's a super easy song, but there's a small bass solo I needed to learn and time correctly. 
Fuck You=102....April 12th the 102nd day. 
So now I'm sitting here and for some reason I decided I would rewatch the Charlie Murphy/Prince skit on Chappelle Show. Of course the musical guest is Cee Lo Green. I just find it odd as well that part of the story involves Pancakes too. 

Interesting it's also season 2 episode 5. Reminds me of all the 25 connecting to  Super Bowl 51. 
Cee Lo is from Atlanta. 

Charlie Murphy dies 1 month 18 days before Cee Lo's 43rd bday. 
Cee Lo Green=118(EP)
Prince Rogers Nelson=118(reduced)
Tom Brady=118(reverse)

Just thinking about "Gnarls Barkley"...Charles(Charlie) Barkley has been in the headlines as well lately in regards to the Cavs and also saying that the Atlanta Hawks wouldn't make the playoffs. 
Charles Barkley=140(see previous Charlie Murphy post)
Charles Barkley finished his career with the Rockets too. (previous post). 

We also recently got this story of a girl dying at a Pancake eating contest. She was the daughter of a firefighter who died in 9/11. 
Zach's Post on Pancake girl-Caitlin Nelson
Interesting she has the last name Nelson...possibly nothing but "Prince Rogers Nelson". 
Pancakes the round Flat Pizza....Flat Earth? 
Pancakes and Basketball(the Ball). The NBA all about the Flat Earth stuff. 
We'll see if anything more comes of this. 
Eddie Murphy is in a film called "Imagine That" which has a burnt pancake scene...also in 2016 the College Slam Dunk Contest had Craig Sword try and dunk over a pancake(mascot) in Houston. 
Flipper...Flipping....Flip the Pancakes? 

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  1. Great post! I don't think it's any "coincidence" that these news items all tie together.
    They even connect to recent headlines about Trump's "FLIP-FLOPPING".
    When you mentioned being out of pancake mix, it reminded me of odd stories I've seen over the years about DEATHS caused by "Old Pancake Mix". Apparently the dried mix can go bad (without appearing any different) ... & using it can cause some kind of toxic reaction.
    Not sure if it's true or media hype -- but it's been a recurring story over the years.

    They said not to keep the mix (even in the refrigerator) longer than a few weeks, so I threw out my ancient box of Aunt Jemima just to be on the safe side.
    It didn't get a huge amount of media hype -- so there might be some truth there.

    Imagine that ... "Pancake Mix" as a potential "Assassination Weapon" ... Lol!

    Also -- every time I hear the name Gnarls Barkley -- all I can think about is his song
    "(They Think I'm) CRAZY" ... which has some really interesting lyrics -- & in the context of today's world ... seems eerily prophetic in a way ... ;D :D