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Cleveland comes back down 25 at half-Flipped the Script-Family Guy-Simpsons-Space-Rockets or Warriors?

The Cavs come back down 25 at halftime to win the game.
The Cavs also joined the league in the 25th season the NBA. 
It reminds us of the SB 51 when the Patriots came back down 25 along with all of the other 25 stuff to go along with SB 51.  
Notice the wording in the article even....
The Cavs "Flipped the Script". 
The game was in Indianapolis where the Colts play. The Colts were a major part in regards to Flipping the Script. 
Interesting score of the game as well. 
Cavs with 119 points and Pacers with 114.  
Indiana Pacers=114
Lebron James=114

The Cavs with 119 points. 
Family Guy=119
Season 4 episode 20... a lot like today's date 4/ called "Patriot Games". It has Fred Flintstone in it. Peter goes to his 25th class reunion where he's recruited by Tom Brady. It's James Garner High School(space Cowboy). 
John Glenn died 4 months 20 days after his 95th bday. 

The Simpsons had the Tom Brady episode called "The Town" that came out 119 days before SB 51. It was also the day Brady came back after suspension to play the Cleveland Browns. 

The Episode originally titled "Patriot games" and not "The Town" just like the Family Guy Episode too. 
The Falcons Coach in SB 33 was Dan Reeves born on 1/19. 
The Falcons even played the Denver Broncos 119 days before SB 51 and they lost to the Broncos in SB 33. 

Remember the Falcons were last in SB 33 which was played the same day the very first ever Family Guy Aired. That episode starts out with a a Brady Bunch skit. It was the same day Dan Marino was on the Simpsons as well. (You have to see all my previous posts to really understand this...go back to End of December). 
the-simpsons-town-episode-Family Guy-Falcons-Patriots and more

Today is 2 months 15 days after SB 51. Also 74 days. 
The Pacers had 74 points at halftime when they were up by 25. 

Also reminds me of the Dan Marino Simpsons episode as it was episode 215...Season 10 Episode 12....Christopher Columbus and so on...In this episode they say the Falcons win SB 33 even though they actually lose. It also has Dolly Parton(born on 1/19...Joel 1:19)
The only other episode the Simpsons mention the Falcons is Season 3 episode 14.. In this episode the Falcons make a Comeback and beat Houston....Houston of course where SB 51 was played. 

A lot of stuff has been pointing to Houston for a while. I really wonder if it's finally actually for them to be in a sports championship or just connected? 
My Uncle died 22 days before SB 51. 
He died 175 days before his bday just before getting on Hwy 175 where the high school team the "Falcons" play. 
I came downstairs and Channel 175 was on and playing episode 114 of the Flintstones.(Uncle died on 1/14).. The episode was called "Operation Switchover".... like flipping. . 
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
John Glenn died 175 days before the NBA Finals begin. 
A lot of stuff that goes back to "Space". 
The Rockets haven't been the Finals in 22 years(95'). 
Harden finished the regular season with 22 Triple Doubles. 
Twenty Two=165
NBA Finals=165
Cleveland Cavaliers=165(reverse)

This is true of a lot of years, but just thinking about it..... Shaq(Lost to Rockets in 95'), Kenny Smith(beat Shaq's team in 95'), Barkley(played for the Rockets year after they won in 95'). 

For some reason in regards to reverse and the Rockets I'm reminded of Yao Ming.....who had Yao on his jersey not Ming....the Reverse(at least reversed to americans)
Donald Trump's/American connections to China.
China's space program becoming more prominent. 

Ha as I'm typing this my tv just shut off as with Dish Network it does that with so much inactivity. I turned it back on and noticed it's 1:12am. 

Barkley even kissed Kenny Smith's Donkey's ass because he said Yao wouldn't score more than 19 points in a game his rookie season. 

The Rockets used to be from San Diego. 
San Diego Rockets=165
Interesting the Rockets became the Houston Rockets in 1971. 
This year is the 71st NBA Season. 
They play in the Toyota Center as well. Possibly nothing but it reminds me of Isaiah Thomas' sister dying in a Toyota Camry. His sister named CHYNA. 

The year they became Houston Rockets was also the 25th year of the NBA, but the 26th season.. Making me think about tonight's game. Cavs come back down 25 at half but largest deficit was 26 points. 
It was the year Jerry West became the logo on the NBA. We just had the story about the Lakers turning down Jerry West too. Jerry West is with the Warriors currently..The Rockets have a big connection to the Lakers though as I've mentioned. Even Rockets coach Mike Dantoni was the coach of the Lakers when Kobe tore his achilles, then Dwight Howard left to Houston and so on...
The Rockets formed in 67' and left in 71'.....The Warriors win 67 games in the 71st season that begins on 10/25 that leaves 67 days in the year..It could just all be for the Warriors Cavs rematch like I said a long time ago, but want to document these Rockets connections. 
The day Eugene Cernan died the Cavs played the Warriors in the game with a bunch of Durant's number. The Cavs lost by 35 but they scored 91 points. 
Warriors had 126 points....Cernan dies 1 month 26 days before his bday he shares with Steph Curry on Pi day. 

I'm thinking we are going to see the Warriors vs the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. It would make sense in connection to last year when Curry got hurt because of the Wet Spot. Remember Draymond being mad about the media asking him about the Houston Floods. Curry and Thompson were "raining 3's". 

Remember the only episode of the Simpsons that Tom Brady is in is "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass". It has the Cowboy Hat firework that looks like the "Space Cowboy Hat". The other celebs homer teaches to dance include Yao Ming. 

The episode even starts off with a gag about "FLIP-a-Frog". 

Later in the episode it even has a piece about "Did Joe Torre shoot FLIPPER". 

So I was about to publish this blog post and I look up at the tv and "Dude Where's my Car" is on. This is the first thing I see when I look up. "Chinese" Foooood. 

Right after it shows this, the main characters are sitting in a car and the SPACE Nerds knock them out and take them to Zoltan's Barn. 

I mean whether or not the Rockets make the finals, what are the odds this exact part is on when I start paying attention to the TV? I'm talking about China and Space in the post. 

For some reason I didn't publish this post last night. So here it is at 9pm instead of early this morning. I swear I published it, but I didn't double check and just went to bed. Oh well lol just explaining why I'm talking about 1:12am and it's 9pm now as I'm publishing it.  

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