Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April the Giraffe meets fellow internet sensation "Giraffe Mom".

I guess this lady bought a Giraffe mask and filmed her pregnancy in honor of April the Giraffe. This article is about Erin and her newborn son getting to meet April and her newborn son. 

Notice Erin's boy was born on 3/8. 
His name is "Porter"=38
Giraffe=38(rev red)

Porter born 38 days before April's baby. 
In the video they say there are a lot of people who want the baby giraffe named Porter as well. 
Porter the Giraffe=177
Giraffe Mom=177(reverse)

Porter Dietrich=87(reduced) and 129(EP)
April the Giraffe=87(reduced) and 129(EP

April's Giraffe weighed 129 pounds. 

Interesting it says it was a 16 dollar mask too. April the Giraffe was pregnant for 16 months. 
Sixteen Months=166(reverse)
Oliver the Giraffe=166(the father)

There seems to be a lot of death numbers around April the Giraffe.
Had her 4th calf in the 4th month. 
Porter was also Erin's 4th Child. 
Giraffe Calf=144(Jewish)
Forty Four=144
129 pounds is also 59kg...the 129th day is also 5/9.  
Sixteen Months=59(reduced)

I wonder too if this story is interrelated to the Black Hawk helicopter crashing on the Golf Course. 
Black Hawk Down(Battle of Mogadishu) in Somalia. 
April is a Reticulated Giraffe aka a Somali Giraffe. 
Who knows just a thought, but this is what the media seems to do a lot. Building it up to something with a bunch of small clues. 
Giraffe Calf=223(reverse)
Black Hawk Down=223(reverse)
Breton Bay Golf Course=223
Mogadishu=43(red) and 56(H)
Giraffe=43(red) and 56(E)

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