Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weird Stuff-The Chase on GSN just before I left to work-Futurama Queen Elizabeth after I got home

Earlier today I posted about my Uncle Eddie and I mentioned how the # 53 seems to be connected to a lot to my moms side of the family. 
After I posted that I took a shower and sat down on the couch to put my shoes on. I looked up at the tv and I was like, I totally know that chick from somewhere. It's Julia Kite, someone I posted about in regards to the Cindy Stowell Jeopardy stuff. Julia was a contestant against Cindy on Day 6 of her run. In my old post I even mentioned how Julia was also on the game show called "The Chase". I mean pretty odd that I would look up and this episode is on my tv. 
Remember Cindy Stowell was surrounded by 53 as well. 
Cindy Stowell=53 
Died on 12+5+20+16=53
She lost on Jeopardy 16 days after her death. 
16th prime is 53.
She lost to "Sam Scovill"=53
Greg Stowell=53(her brother)
Julianna Stowell=53(sister in law) the news said it was 53 degrees when they interviewed her. 
Look when I took that screen shot too...3:53pm. I didn't do that on purpose, I just took the picture and then left as I had to work at 4pm. 
In my post about Cindy and Julia I show that Cindy came back and won with $23,801.  
2381 is the 353rd prime number. 
She beat Julia by 1 dollar. 
Cindy Stowell Day 6 Jeopardy post

So I get off work and I'm watching the recording of the Cavs vs Pacers game. As I'm sitting there I got on the internet on my phone. I was scrolling through Facebook and I noticed someone posted this article about what happens when Queen Elizabeth II dies. I've talked a lot about the royal family so I figured I would look at it. Anyway as I'm reading through it, I hear my girlfriends Tablet say Queen Elizabeth.  My girlfriend is sleeping on the couch and Futurama is still playing on her Tablet. She watches Futurama every night when she goes to bed.  
Futurama of course reminds me of Space yet again. 

It's this episode above. "Three Hundred Big Boys". 
It came out on the 166th day of 2003. 
It's also interesting that the episode is about everyone receiving $300 in tax refunds...I still haven't done my taxes and tomorrow is the last day....Possibly nothing but it reminds me on the day my Uncle Barney died I received $300 in the mail which I still have.
The part where they say Queen Elizabeth has Bender trying to spend his 300 on a cigar wrapped with a piece of the US constitution hand rolled by Queen Elizabeth during her Wild Years and then buried with George Burns. 
George Burns=166(reverse)
The only movie I remember this guy from is when he plays "God". Also him smoking cigars. Hence the Futurama reference I assume. 

At the end of the episode Fry saves everyone from a fire after he drinks his 100th cup of coffee. The fire starts because of the Cigar Bender steals. George Burns dies age 100? 

Burns dies 318 days(end date) before his 101st bday. Also 10 months 12 days....interesting the God number supposedly 318. 

John Denver plays the guy God is using as his messenger in the "Oh God" film. John Denver dies on 10/12. Age 53. 
Born in Roswell, New Mexico....yet again reminding me of Space/Aliens. 
Just noting too, but the other night the movie Final Destination was on TV and I watched it before I went to bed. Before the plane crashes he's taking a dump and the radio is playing John Denver. Then the main character says "John Denver...He died in a plane crash". 
That movie all about paying attention to the signs in your life. 

Interesting Netflix has this as Season 5 episode 11. 

So just documenting yet another weird thing/day. I mean it happens so often anymore it doesn't even really surprise me. Things like this are the reason I even got into/discovered numerology-gematria and alike. 

I think if people would just pay more attention to their daily lives they would notice these things as well.  It makes me wonder if we all have our own journey, yet that individual journey leads us to the same source. A lot like the TV show "Touch" tells us. Everything intertwined yet many different paths taking us to the same place.  

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