Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7 Archangels-7 Days on The Ring(film)-7 limbed Aliens on Arrival(film)

I'm sitting here thinking about the post last night in regards to the Rings and Arrival film and Gabriel. 

Rings she comes in 7 days. 
Arrival they meet 7 limbed aliens. 

I started thinking about the Archangels supposedly having least in the book of Enoch. 

Also in the Book of Daniel, Gabriel expands up Jeremiah's prediction of 70 years is actually 70 weeks. It says on Wiki "Literally 'Sevens' of Years". 

So obviously "7" or 7's are important to this. 

Anyway as I'm reading through some stuff I'm listening to the Gematria Effect. 
At exactly the time I read the part about "Cancer(ruled by Moon)" Zach literally says "Cancer ruled by the Moon" in regards to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in the sign of Cancer. 

It's odd, it seems this stuff happens almost every time I listen to this show. Whether I listen to the recorded version or to it live, something like this seems to happen. 
Truth Frequency Radio=326(Francis Bacon)
The Ring=326(satanic)

Also in the pic above it says some people associate the 7 Archangels with the 7 luminaries. 
Then later talks about Rudolf Steiner deduces that Gabriel is Saturn. 
Angel Gabriel=93
The Rings......
Possibly nothing as it says "Other Ideas" but still interesting how the events happen and some people believe that. 

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  1. Same thing happens to me when I'm listing to you or Zach. I will be researching and things just sync up. Spooky syncing. It happens so much that I think I've become a little numb to it