Thursday, April 6, 2017

Don Rickles Dead 4/6/17-Eugene Cernan-Celebrity Roast

I have to leave for work in a few minutes, so not enough time to look at this story. 
Death of Eugene Cernan

I just want to note that Don Rickles is something I mentioned in regards to Eugene Cernan. 
Eugene Cernan was 1 of the roasters of Don Rickles on 7/2/1974. 

"Donald Jay" Rickles...interesting as it reminds me of another "Donald J." who was roasted.
Roast of Rob Lowe-Trump
Roast of Donald Trump

Off work: 
Notice he is best known as an "Insult Comic". 
Insult Comic=48, 138....159(reverse)
Donald Trump=48, 138....159(reverse)
Insult Comedian=159(simple)
Don Rickles=47, 110
President=47, 110

Donald Jay Rickles=64, 163
Make America Great Again=91, 163
Celebrity Roast=64
He dies on 4/6 or 6/4. 

Hockey Puck=46 also 64(K)
The Merchant of Venom=88

Interesting he died 148 days after Trump was announced as the winner of the election. 
Donald J Trump=148

Today also 9 months 23 days after Trump's 70th bday. 

It's also Trump's 2nd month 17th day as president. 
2/17 the 48th day of the year. 
July 21st or 21/7 is the day that leaves 163 days in the year. 
21/7 is the day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. 
Donald John Trump=76(red rev)
Two Hundred Seventeen=88

Rickles also dies the same day we get the story of John Glenn's funeral. 

John Herschel Glenn Jr=119(red rev H)
He dies 119 days before his funeral. 
3 months 29 days.....3/29 the 88th day. 

His funeral on what would've his 74th wedding anniversary. 
I just noticed too he was the oldest man in space on STS-95...then dies age 95. 

Make America Great Again=91(reduced)
It makes me wonder in regards to Don Rickles dying 32 days before his 91st bday. 

Remember "Eugene Cernan"=58, 112
He died 58 days (end date) before his bday. 
Rickles born on 5/8. 
Notice Cernan died 112 days before 5/8. 
Cernan had a lot of 112 around him. 

5/8 the 128th day....reminding us of John Glenn dying on 12/8. 
Freemason=42, 96
April 6th the 96th day of the year. 
Cernan roasted Rickles 42 years ago. 

Cernan died 80 days before Rickles. 
When Cernan roasted him the show was called "The Dean Martin Show", it later changed to "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast". 
The Dean Martin Show=80
Eighty=25, 88(rev reduced and reverse)
Trump=25, 88

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