Monday, April 10, 2017

D'Angelo Russell hits game winner same day Russell Westbrook sets Triple Double record-Houston Rockets-Space Theme

D'Angleo Russell Hits the game winner against the T-wolves and then tells how his grandma died earlier in the day. 
Of Course they were playing Minneapolis which is the original home to the Lakers. 
D'Angelo Russell born on 2/23 which reminds me of Flip Saunders dying. "Andrew Wiggins" the former Teen Wolf also born on 2/23.
Russell also hits the game winner the same day another "Russell"(Westbrook) breaks the triple double record. Notice the Thunder play the T-wolves in their next game too. 
Oklahoma City Thunder=223
Russell Westbrook=99(rev red) sets the record on the 99th day of the year. 

My favorite part of the article and why I'm posting this post is what happened after he made the shot. Russell runs up to what I'm assuming is his mom/family. Notice the guy wearing the shirt with 56 on it though...It says "True Religion" and then 56. 
Yeah numbers are a true religion. 
D'Angelo Russell=56
Magic Johnson=56
D'Angelo Russell=79(rev red)....I'm surprised we haven't heard about him in regards to the "Flat Earth Theory"=79 and 223(red reverse and reverse)

It's interesting too that the Lakers won with 110 points. 
56 and 110 are numbers often seen together. 
President=56, 110
Adolf Hitler=56, 110 
Just a few examples. 
The T-Wolves finishing with 109 is interesting. 
Los Angeles=109

Los Angeles=55
Target Center=55
Fifty Six=55
The Lakers won staying on 55 losses. 
She dies 1 month 17 days after D'Angelo's bday. 

I haven't done enough research but a long time ago I was talking about the Cavaliers and Warriors rematch. This was before the reverse stuff had come along. The Cavaliers have the connection to 318....also the shootings of 9 of 23 being significant the last 2 years. 

A team I want to look more into is the Houston Rockets possibly being in the Finals. 
Houston Rockets=203
North Carolina=203
The space theme....
The NBA All Star week was moved from North Carolina..announced on 21/7....the day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon....All Star Week began on 2/17. 
Two Hundred Three=217(reverse)

New England Patriots=217

John Glenn died 175 days before the NBA Finals begin this year. 
Houston Rockets=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Magic Johnson traded Mo Williams to the Rockets and so on from my previous post. 
John Glenn also dies age 95....
The Rockets haven't been in the finals since 95'. When they beat Shaq's MAGIC team. 
I just noticed that John Glenn also born on 7/18 which leaves 166 days in the year. 
James Harden=314(English)
Houston Texas=71(red rev H)
It's the 71st season of the NBA. 

They haven't  won/been in the NBA Finals in 22 years(21 now but would be 22 years if they make it). 
# 22 Clyde Drexler also on the team 22 years ago. 
Clyde=22  (mentioning this because of previous post)
Harden might finish the season with 22 Triple Doubles. 

Thinking about Harden-Westbrook-Durant all losing to Lebron when he was with the Heat. 

Something to note though....The Warriors and Cavs played each other on the day Eugene Cernan died. 
A Total score of 217 points. 
Warriors had 126 points....Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his bday on 3/14, which is also Steph Curry's bday. 

Something not necessarily connected to basketball but...

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