Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3 Foot Long Rabbit dies after United Airlines Flight at O'HARE International Airport

We got a story today about the world's largest rabbit(Simon) dying on a United Airlines flight. He was traveling to O'Hare? lol 
Rabbit=25, 70
Three Foot Long=70
Simon=25, 52
O'Hare=25(reduced reverse)
United Airlines=70, 160

The Rabbit dies 10 days after Dr. David Dao is supposedly beaten and removed from a United Airlines plane at O'Hare. 
Notice this plane had 70 passengers. 

The Rabbit being named "Simon" I can't help but think of this episode of South Park. They make fun of the Da Vinci Code and you find out Simon Peter(first pope) was actually a Rabbit. That's why the Pope wears the big hat, so it can fit his ears. This is why the Easter Bunny is actually important to Jesus. 


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  2. Interesting stuff. I wonder if there is another story behind it. That rabbit along the flight number 411 made me think of trumps tombstone on Easter 2016.