Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Patriot on Channel 135 tonight.-Gabriel-Book of Daniel

Once again this is what I'm talking about....I just sat down on the couch and figured I'd see what's on tv for a bit. 
Of course the movie "The Patriot" would be on channel 135 of all channels. 
I just posted about this movie last night in regards to Heath Ledger and Gabriel. 
The odds of this film being on at the time I sit down and see what's on is amazing. 
Funny it says it's the Steven Seagal film "The Patriot", but it's clearly the Mel Gibson movie. 

I look up Steven Seagal. I'm also listening to the archived Gematria Effect right now as I missed most of it earlier. Right when I notice it says Seagal is a 7th "Dan" black belt in Aikido, Zach mentions Damascus and Daniel 17:1. He mispoke as there is no such thing as Daniel 17, I'm assuming he meant Isaiah 17:1. Anyway just interesting he says Daniel exactly at the time I see Dan. 

I look up Damascus and first thing I see is that it's nicknamed the City of Jasmine... Interesting as that's my girlfriends name. 

Who knows just documenting yet again another strange occurrence. 
Steven Seagal is friends with Vladimir Putin. 
Khan Shaykhun=141(Sarin Gas Attack)
World War III=141
Something to think about. 
Remember Gabriel tells Daniel in the Bible of a War.  
The Patriots just won the Super Bowl. 
New England=45
Trump the 45th president and so on....
Daniel 11 says there will be 4 Kings and the 4th will gain power by using his wealth and stir up everyone against the Kingdom of Greece. Then a mighty King will arise. 


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  2. Do you ever feel like you're not in control of your own life. Because that's what is sounds like sometimes. Or the universe just likes you.