Thursday, April 20, 2017

Death of Aaron Hernandez-Odin-John 3:16-Tim Tebow 316 Game-Steelers-Odin

The first thing that comes to mind to check in regards to Aaron Hernandez supposedly killing himself is how far after the Super Bowl it was. 
Of course he dies 73 days after his former team wins SB 51. Also the same day the Patriots visit the White....Gronkowski interrupts Spicer...
Something I just noticed is...
Seventy Three=166

Hernandez dies 5 months 13 days after his 27th bday. 
513 a number I've mentioned a lot. 
May Thirteenth=166
5 months 13 days is sometimes 166 days. 

Hernandez in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. 
Odin Lloyd died 7 months 3 days after his bday. 
It's great the Hernandez supposedly kills himself on a Wednesday. 
Wednesday is named after Odin. 
Odin AKA Mercury....
One Hundred Three=164(Hernandez dead 164 days after his bday)
He died age 27. 
27th prime is 103. 
Odin Leonardo John Lloyd=326(reverse)
How interesting he was born on 318th day of the year. 
Angel Gabriel-Virgin Mary 166-513-326
326 and 513 have a connection in regards to what I've been talking about a lot with Gabriel. 

His death comes just after there was an article in regards to his sentence being "REVERSED". 

Hernandez also had John 3:16 written in blood on his forehead. 
It's great Wiki also mentions Tim Tebows 316 game when he upset the Steelers.....
Tebow and Hernandez both played for Florida and even played together. They won the National Championship in MIAMI. Remember the Miami Dolphins lost to the Steelers this year on the 5th anniversary of the 316 game. 
Interesting the Steelers just had the death of Dan Rooney too. 

The 316 game was on January 8th or 8/1. 
Tebow put 316 under his eye 3 year prior in 2009 on Jan. 8th. 
Hernandez mostly known for wearing # 81. 
The 81st prime number is 419...He dies on 4/19...
Pittsburgh Steelers=81

John Three Sixteen=199
Aaron Josef Hernandez=199
The 46th prime is 199. 
Sacrifice=46, 73
Tim Tebow=46 and 109(reverse). 
He dies on the 109th day of the year. 
29th prime is 109. 

Hernandez dies 3 months 26 days before Tebow's bday. 
August 14th is the 226th day. 
Three Hundred Sixteen=226

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