Monday, April 3, 2017

Gonzaga vs North Carolina-Saint Aloysius Gonzaga-318

So both Gonzaga and North Carolina advance to the championship game after scoring 77 points. 
It's funny as it really is connected to the same numbers I was talking about that were around Michigan and Purdue. 

Eugene Cernan died 77 days before the championship game that will be held later tonight. 
The other big number was 82. 
In 1982 North Carolina won the college championship beating Georgetown...the Washington DC team. 
Gonzaga the Washington team. 

I've also mentioned how it's connected to the NBA. 
82 regular season games even. 
It's funny too as last year was super connected to the 1985 and the Carolina's.

Carolina's named in honor of King Charles. 
The Royals won for the first time since 1985. 

Clemson the Carolina team lost with a total score of 85 among other 85's. 

The Carolina Panthers lost in SB 50 that was connected to the 85' Bears. 

Villanova beat UNC winning for the first time since 1985 when they beat Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team stopping Back to Back Championships. Georgetown won in 84' when the championship game was in Seattle, Washington too. 

The Warriors lost to the Cavaliers(followers of King Charles) stopping Back to Back Championships. 
In 1985 the Lakers stopped the Celtics from winning Back to Back Championships. 

The 1982 North Carolina team also had Laker James Worthy on the team. He was the MOP as well. 
James Ager Worthy=82(red rev)

Not sure how it all fits in, but I'm sure eventually it will make more sense to me. When Shaq got his statue he even said, James Worthy should be up there before him and what not. 

It's funny though in regards to reverse gematria...last year I even mentioned how it seemed as though the championships were being mirrored to other years but going backwards. 

Also a big theme I mentioned in regards to the Falcons being in the Super Bowl was about Rising Up...Andre Rison....Atlantis..Horus..Ra and so on. 
I can't help but think of Petey Pablo with the song "Raise Up"...North Carolina come on and Raise Up. 
Notice he was born on 7/22 the day connected to Pi/reverse Pi...
He's also 43 years old. 
Today is 4/3....
Bulldogs=43(red rev)

43 reminds me of the death of Sam Foltz/Mike Sadler who died on the 23rd anniversary of Michael Jordan's dad dying. If you go back I showed how Nebraska was connected to 43 like crazy. Even won their first game with 43 points 43 days after Foltz died beating "Fresno State"=43. 
The reason I bring this up is because Petey Pablo's real name being Moses. Nebraska super connected to Moses/Civil War stuff...Moses and Lincoln freed the slaves...the Carolina's a big piece to the Civil War.  Carolina's named after King Charles I the king in the English Civil War and so on. 
There is also some connection to Tupac and his mom to Michael Jordan(UNC). Tupac's mom was born in Lumberton, NC where Michael Jordan's dad died and a lot more. See previous posts. 

Lumberton, North Carolina=326(reverse)

Gonzaga named in honor of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. 
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga=84

Interesting it says that he had a vision of the Angel Gabriel telling him he would die within a year. 

On 3/3 he became bedridden due to contracting the plague. 

He died 3 months 18 days later on 21/6. 

It also says he was sent to Mantua to mediate between his brothers. Notice the Saint Day for Mantua is 3/18. 
Mantua is where the house of Gonzaga was based as well. 

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