Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kenny Smith's Mother dies 4/26/17-Houston-The Price is Right

I really need to go to bed, but I looked at Facebook and I saw Kenny Smith's mother died. 
Annie Mae Smith=131
Interesting the first link I find an article on this has a video of Ernie Johnson reading Kenny's letter. It's 1:31 in length. 
Kenny was on the Rockets the last time they won the NBA Finals beating Shaq's Orlando Magic team. 

Just interesting that Charles Barkley didn't seem uncomfortable talking about this death yet he was in regards to Isaiah Thomas? I only say this because if you watch the video of Barkley mad at people about his comments Kenny Smith seems depressed in that video. Pry knew his mom was next. 

His mom dies 49 days after his bday. 
Annie Smith=49, 112

Kenny played for Sacramento at the beginning of his career. Remember Isaiah Thomas' sister was also connected to when he played with the Kings. Ernie Johnson talks of the death and what Kenny said during the halftime of the Bulls vs Celtics game.....Rondo also played with the Kings. 
Kenny Smith's first year in the NBA with the Kings was under the head coaching of Bill Russell. 

Her death comes 36 days before the NBA Finals.
36 the number in regards to Gabriel....but also...
Thirty Six=91(reverse)

Is it not strange I just posted about The Price is Right and looking up Kenny Smith I see his stepdaughter is a model on the show? 

Think about it more tomorrow, but I really have to get some sleep. Have to get up in a few hours. Peace. 

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