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Death of Charlie Murphy-43-Royal Family-Prince-Eddie Murphy-Dave Chappelle

Charlie Murphy dies today 4/12.  He was famous mostly for his Chappelle Show sketches and being Eddie Murphy's brother. 
Interesting in regards to him being a comedian and dying on 12/4. 
If you go back I made posts about "FAT" comedians dying by this number....I wonder if it's not just Fat comedians now? 
Comedian=44(red rev)
Cancer=44(what he died from). 

Charlie Murphy dies 134 days or 4 months 12 days before Dave Chappelle's 44th bday. 
How interesting he dies on 4/12 and it's 4 months 12 days before Dave Chappelle's bday. 
134 is also interesting as "King Charles III"=134
Charlie Murphy dies age 57...
Fifty Seven=131
Prince Charles=131
English Civil War began on 8/22...that leaves 131 days in the year. 
The reason I bring this up is because today is the anniversary of the American Civil War beginning. 
Civil War=43....Lincoln born on 43rd day...dies 4 years 3 days after the Civil War begins...becomes president on 3/4 or 4/3....and so on. I'll show more 43 below. 

The article mentions his memorable skit partying with Prince. 
Eddie Murphy=65
Prince was super connected to the Royal Family stuff last year. 

Dave Chappelle=56 and is currently 43 years old. 
Notice Eddie Murphy just turned 56 years old on 4/3. 
Charlie=56 and 43(red rev)
Civil War=43 and 56(red rev)
It began in "Charleston"=43 and 56(red rev)
Abe Lincoln died age 56 in the year 65'.
It was 59 days after his bday. The Civil War came to an end on 5/9. 
Forty Three=59=Slave=Negro and so on... 

Forty Three=140
Older Brother=140
Possibly nothing, but worth noting that Prince Charles bday to Eddie Murphy's bday is a 140 days. (11/14 to 4/3)

Noting another thing that comes to mind in regards to Fat Comedians is that Eddie Murphy plays the Fat guy in The Nutty Professor and becomes skinny. 
Buddy Love=43 and 56(red rev)
Sherman Klump=52 and 65(red rev)

Dave Chappelle even ranked # 43 on Comedy Centrals 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time. 

Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle bday's are 4 months 21 days apart. 

Prince dies on Queen Elizabeth's bday on 4/21. 

Charlie dies 91 days before his bday. 
Queen Elizabeth II will be 91 years old on 4/21/17. 

Film "Life" Eddie Murphy

What's strange is that I just mentioned Eddie Murphy on 3/23 in the weird occurrences happening to me. I remember the night I made the above post, I spent over an hour trying to find the Hustler magazine issue that has my uncle Eddie Murphy in it. 
I was just curious how it would sync up, but I never found the issue. 
He won a trip to Hustler after filling out some contest thing. I can't remember when it was, but it was just after he got divorced. I thought it was April 2008 or 2009 but couldn't find it. Lol, I remember it was a big deal as he brought a bunch of stuff to Christmas one year and was so proud, and everyone else was like WTF. There's a lot more to this story but moving on... I know I've talked about it on a video before I started this blog. 

Ed Murphy=43(red rev H)
Eddie Murphy=513(satanic)...number I've mentioned a lot. 
The post about Eddie Murphy on 3/23 was in regards to a post I had just made earlier that night. I was on as Michigan and Purdue both lost on the 82nd day(a number I was talking about with both teams). had an advertisement for the New space film called "Life". Later the Eddie Murphy Film "Life" was on TV. I also mentioned something to do with "Calvin" in the post. I never posted as I'm just now remembering, but on Saturday night I actually met a kid named "Calvin" who just turned 21 a week ago. I had to DJ a wedding and on the way home I stopped at a the bar in Dow City, Iowa. There was barely anyone there, but Calvin was there. I DJ there about once a month and I know a lot of the people(small towns). Anyway I remember thinking how strange it was to meet someone named Calvin after I just mentioned it on this blog. 
The 82nd prime number is 421...
Hustler Magazine=82(red rev)
Larry Flynt=56(red rev)
Hustler founded in 1974...Larry Flynt is 74 years old right now. 

Charlie Murphy's final film was called Meet the Blacks. 
Meet the Blacks=43, 124
How Interesting he dies on 12/4. 
Notice his character is named "KEY Flo"...possibly nothing but Key has been something I have been talking about. "Francis Got Key" and so on....Also it says he believes he will be imprisoned for the next 5 to 6 years....hmmm 56. 

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