Wednesday, April 5, 2017

James Jumper the Mindeless Freeks blog mocking me and my blog

I've got a few messages from this person always trying to discredit what I am talking about. 
Dan E. Behrendt queer=166
Gematria is Bogus=166 (another one I remember him posting)

What's really interesting is the fact they have made a whole blog mocking my blog. I've read through some of these posts and there are a lot of things not true. 

For example saying I said 5/13 is the 166th day of the year.

In the post they are referring too I never said this. 
I said 166 days is sometimes 5 months 13 days. 
May Thirteenth=166
Uncle Barney-Flintstones Link
There are a number of other examples that are incorrect.

The best part is they started this blog on December 27th 2016. 
I had mentioned 166 in regards to my uncles' names but hadn't even started with the connections in regards to "Flipper" and Flipping the script yet. I only started talking about my Uncle Barney 2 days before they started their blog. 
How fitting "James Jumper"=166 in reverse. 
If you go through the blog they often refer to me as "NAD" instead of "DAN" know...the reverse. 
So they start a blog trying to discredit what I'm saying while having the connection to everything I have been saying just after they started a blog. 

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  1. Don't worry bro FUC m we gonna catch m all one day really soon when they can't hide behind keyboard keep up great work bro