Thursday, April 6, 2017

Big Brother and reverse gematria-166

Just got home a bit ago. I turned on the Gematria Effect and he was talking about Big Brother. 
Big Brother=166(reverse)
I've been wondering about a lot of things lately in regards to all of the every day occurrences. I've asked myself is it really God/Satan/Freemasons/Jews/Mind manipulation/Manipulation of a Universal Code/Other.. and so on....What exactly is going on? 

I think it's quite possibly a mixture of multiple things. 
I mean it seems as though something is helping us gain this understanding, yet at the same time it's obvious there is an agenda to discredit/stop us from doing so. 

Big Brother=166(reverse)
How fitting in regards to it being 33 years after 1984 and reverse gematria now showing itself. 
Reverse Gematria=166

John Hurt=114....also 166(FB)
Hurt announced his cancer on 16/6. 
I've also mentioned 114 a lot in connection with 166. 

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