Tuesday, April 4, 2017

John Glenn-Eugene Cernan deaths to April 3rd-326-318-188

How did I not look this up before? I keep talking about the death of Eugene Cernan but we also had the death of John Glenn on 12/8/16. 
Anyway notice John Glenn died 116 days or 3 months 26 days before the college basketball championship. 
Cernan died on 1/16. 
King Charles I=116
Interesting too they kept mentioning Redemption tonight in the game. 
Jesus Christ=151

Glenn also died 3 months 18 days before 3/26. 
Remember we got the stories of John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin just days apart too. 
Glenn is 3,108 days older than Buzz Aldrin. 

December 8th of course the day that leaves 23 days in the year.
Space Jam=23...Jordan wearing # 23
Aloysius Gonzaga died age 23. 
Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets...the Bathroom Bill made the All star game move to New Orleans. We got the news on 21/7. The All Star Week began on 2/17 which was also Jordan's bday. 
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon on 21/7. 
Adrin retired on 7/1/71. 
Apollo Eleven=71
There are so many interrelated stories all connecting to the same thing. 
King Charles I=48 dies age 48
Charles Stuart=48
Charles II=48
Prince Charles born in 48'. 
2/17 the 48th day. 

Bathroom Law=128 
Glenn dies on 12/8. 
Today was also 56 days or 1 month 28 days after Queen Elizabeth II's 65th anniversary being Queen. 
Gonzaga scores 65 points. 
Prince of Wales=65
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania founded on 12+12+17+87=128
Ben Franklin=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191
Franklin died on 4+17+17+90=128 age 84
Royal Family=56

I'm still getting trolled on my Gabe Rygaard video too. It's the only video I keep getting trolled on at the moment. Anyway just noticed I put it out 6 months 7 days before today. 
North Carolina=67
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=188
Super Bowl 50 was 188 days after Gabe Rygaard's 43rd bday. 
Patrick Ewing=188(reverse)
He just got hired at Georgetown....He was formerly the associate coach for the Charlotte Hornets. 
Funny I just mentioned the connection to 1982 when James Worthy/Michael Jordan's North Carolina team won over Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team. 
North Carolina=203(reverse)
Two Hundred Three=188

Of course tonight in the game North Carolina wins with 71 points. 
Catholic=35, 71
Gonzaga had 35 points at half even. 

There was even a point in the game where they showed San Francisco is the last West Coast team to win the championship. Just reminds me of the Gay Flag Guy that was all about 65 like Gonzaga's final score. The North Carolina Bathroom Bill fits in there. 
Bathroom Bill=71(red rev) 

6/26 leaves 188 days in the year....Gay Marriage. 
Notice too that the anniversary of Gay Marriage is 84 days or 2 months 23 days after 4/3. 
223 the 48th prime. 
7/7 is the 188th day. 
Cernan died 77 days before 4/3. 

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