Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Shia LaBeouf film(Man Down) sells only 1 ticket-Gabriel

I just went to Yahoo.com and this was the main article. Funny how they also have an article with Alec Baldwin below the main article. Of course Shia and Alec had some controversy a few years back. 

Wonder why Alec Baldwin portrays Donald Trump on SNL? 
Alec Baldwin=138(FB)
Donald Trump=138

Anyway I noticed Shia plays a character named of course "Gabriel" Drummer in this film. 
Gabriel=45(rev red) and 54(simple)
Shia LaBeouf=45 and 54(reduced)
Tony Romo=45(wonder why we got that story today too?)
Forty Four=45(rev red) and 54(reduced)
UK Box Office=54
The Film is about making the phrase Man Down to mean "I love you". 
Interesting too..."I love you"=43, 61
Jesus Christ=43
I love you=404(satanic)
Interesting in regards to the KJV/Revelation/Pope Francis/Prince Charles stuff I have mentioned. 
Gabriel Drummer=74=Jesus=Masonic= and so on..
Gabriel Drummer=232(reverse)=Satan(Jewish)

Funny that just as I'm looking at this, someone is messing with it on Wikipedia. Notice it says his name is Lesbian Humper. Lol, I refreshed the page and now it says Gabriel Drummer. 

Just to show it's changed. 
I'm confused as to why this article came out on 4/4 when the film was released on 9/6/2015 and 12/2/2016 in the US. I guess it just released in a theatre in the UK this weekend. 
Freemason=42, 96
12/2 to 4/4 is 4 months 2 days. 
Man Down=33(rev red)

Notice whoever changed it back to Gabriel is from somewhere a day ahead/a different time zone. It's currently 7:51pm in Iowa. 
This says it was changed back on 4/5. 

I can't help but think of the movie Constantine that Shia is also in. The movie is about the angel Gabriel trying to use the spear of destiny to bring Mammon to Earth. 
I also find it weird that last night I posted about the Transgendered bathroom Law yet again. Then today I was watching "Let's make a Deal." I went away for a bit and came back and Dr. Phil was on, and it was about some transgendered prostitute kid. The reason I bring it up is because in the film Constantine Gabriel is played by a woman and portrayed Androgynous. 
Michelle Obama=54....lol I talked about this around the College World Series. 

The history of Androgyny goes back to a Myth about how people used to be spherical. The Male-Female people come from the MOON...interesting as this is a big piece to much that I have mentioned. 

Also the film Eagle Eye Shia is in comes to mind. 

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