Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rainbow Flag Creator Gilbert Baker dies age 65- Death of Harvey Milk and George Moscone

The Rainbow Flag Creator died today 3/31/17. 

He dies 64 days(end date) before his bday. 
Civil Rights=64
He was also born in 51'. 
Gay Rights=51
Pride Flag=51(another name for the Rainbow Flag)

Gilbert Baker=65, 110
He dies age 65. 
LGBT Pride Flag=65
Some say the flag was inspired by Judy Garland..and the song "Over the Rainbow"...reminds us of Kansas...Baker also born in Kansas. 

The article mentions his death being told by Cleve Jones. 
Cleve Jones=65, 110
Nineteen Seventy Eight=110
The 65th prime number is 313. Today is 31/3. 

He was challenged to make the Symbol(Flag).... by the first openly gay elected politician in California.. Harvey Milk. 
Harvey Milk=65(reverse H)
June 25th is the 176th day of the year. 
Harvey Milk=176(FB)
Roy G Biv=176(FB)
LGBT Movement=176(reverse)
Stonewall Riots=176(reverse)
It also says he was influenced by the Flag representing World Peace. 
World Peace=51(rev red)

Harvey Milk dies 6 months 5 days after his birthday in 1978
Homosexuality=65(rev red)

Harvey Milk also dies 5 months 2 days after the first time the Flag was used. 
Harvey Milk=52
California=52....Also 65(rev red)

Gilbert Baker died 86 days before the 39th anniversary of the Rainbow Flag first being used. 
This is interesting as the original flag had 8 stripes but was later changed to just 6 stripes. 
The 8 striped flag had Pink, Turquoise and Blue. They turned Turqoise and Blue into "Royal Blue"=51(rev red) on the 6 striped flag. 

Harvey Milk and George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White. 
Dan White killed them 86 days after his own 32nd bday. 
His trial led to the term..."Twinkie Defense"=86
Moscone was replaced as Mayor by "Dianne Feinstein"=86

Dan White=39 and died age 39. 
Thirty Nine=65(red rev H)

Dan White's bday was also 2 months 9 days(end date) after the original Rainbow Flag being used. He was born on 9/2 or 2/9. 
White=29, 65...also 70(reverse)

It even says Dan White was the 2nd of 9 children. 

There have been other variations of the flag since but still interesting. It says some of the more common ones have the Greek Letter "Lambda" on them. 
Thirty Three=66
In some it says they took away the Orange stripe and replaced it with black because of Donald Trump. 
Gay Guys=33(possibly nothing but just noting it)

Interesting I just noticed...."Flag"=166(satanic)
Go figure we would get a story like this. Colin Kaepernick in the news again lately which is all about the Flag. Of course Kaepernick the former San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco where Harvey Milk Killed and Rainbow Flag created. 
It also reminds me of all the confederate flag drama in the media a few years back. 
Freddie Gray=60(reverse reduced) ha makes a lot more sense now. 

A long time ago I covered the rainbow flag a bit. It was in regards to the Philadelphia Experiment which is also called Project Rainbow. 

Some extra stuff here...The other person to be assassinated with Harvey Milk was George Moscone. 
He was the 37th mayor of San Francisco. 

He was born on the day that leaves 37 days in the year. 

Dan White committed suicide 37 days before the 7th anniversary of the murder. 
Thirty Seven=57
George Moscone=57(rev red) also 78(S except)..dies in 78'. 
San Fran=37...also 318(satanic)
Gilbert=37 and 318(satanic)

Moscone=39...also 318(english)


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