Saturday, April 22, 2017

2 Dudes Wearing Vulgar Shirts front row of The Price is Right-Drew Carey-Bob Barker-Cleveland-Donald Trump

Drew Carey=48, 102
The Price is Right=93, 102, 174
Vulgar Shirts=57, 93, 174

Interesting Bob Barker is 93 years old right now. 
The Price is Right=93
Barker's bday is 5 months 11 days before Drew Carey's. 
Saturn=93 and 511(Jewish)
Wouldn't doubt if we see Bob Barker get the price wrong this year. 
Two in the Plinko One in the Stinko=162(K)
Happy Gilmore came out on 16/2/1996. 

Bob Barker began hosting The Price is Right 3 months 8 days before his bday. 
Bob Barker=38

They aired Bob Barker's final season Reruns until 10/12/07 and Drew Carey's first episode was on 10/15/07.   
10/12 was 38 days after the 35th anniversary(year) of the Price is right. 

People have been doing this since Drew Carey said this on Conan O'brien. 
Conan O'brien=110
This story happened on 4/20 the 110th day of the year. 

So I started this blog post last night and went to bed as I had to work this morning. I figured I would look more today and then post it. I just got home a bit ago and turned on the TV. It's on channel 166 and of course Happy Gilmore is playing.....Happy hates Bob Barker. 
It's also 5:13pm right now.
Remember how 513 and 166 are interrelated. 

Bob Barker's final day on the Price is Right was on the 166th day of 2007. 
Drew Carey=102
One Hundred Two=166
Robert William Barker=166(reverse E)

Drew Carey's first show was 4 months 22 days after his bday. 
Interesting as I'm posting this on 4/22.
Happy Gilmore=145 
Carey also has an interesting bday of 5/23. 
It just reminds me of the Donald Trump 523 stuff too. 
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Drew Carey from Cleveland...Cleveland Rocks...The song covered by "The Presidents of the United States of America". 
The Presidents of the United States of America=174
Republican National Convention was in Cleveland after the Cavs won the Finals. 

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  1. Hey Dan I noticed Steve Adams from the Okc Thunder wearing a NASA tshirt at post game... seemed odd is it a heads up for Houston or a okc comeback ???