Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Days Erin Moran dies age 56-Harrison County-William Henry Harrison

Today we got the story of actress Erin Moran dying. She is famous for being on the show "Happy Days". 
I just find it funny that yesterday not even knowing about her death I posted about the Price is Right and Happy Gilmore. I even looked up Happy Days yesterday too. A long time ago I talked about how Happy learns how to Putt on the Earthquake Hole at the Putt Putt golf place. The building that falls has a black cube at the top which reminds me of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. Anyway yesterday I noticed that the course is called "Happy Land" and I never noticed that before. Then I started thinking about "Happy" stuff. 
Erin Moran dies age 56. 
Happy Days=56(reverse P)
Happy Days=43(reduced)

She dies in "Corydon, Indiana"=74

Her bday on 10/18 is the day that leaves 74 days in the year. 
In the CNN article they also tell us it's Harrison County. 
Harrison County=74

Happy Days first airs in 74'. on 1/15. 
Happy Days=115
Interesting I also live in a "Harrison, County". I also know a kid named Cory Donscheski and a lot of people refer to him as "Cory Don". Different pronunciations but still interesting to me. 

Erin Moran=422(Satanic) dies on 4/22. 
Erin Marie Moran=643(satanic) interesting as that's the Phone code in the town I live in. 643-xxxx. 

Possibly nothing but only 8 states have a Harrison County. Both Iowa and Indiana named after William Henry Harrison. 

William Henry Harrison Sr=126
He dies 1 month 26 days after his bday. 
Harrison County, Indiana=126
Erin Marie Moran=126(e) 
I've mentioned him before as well. He was the 9th president and his grandson was the 23rd president. So 9th and 23rd presidents were "Harrison's". 
Benjamin Harrison beat Grover Cleveland which allowed Cleveland to serve non consecutive terms. Cleveland won the popular vote but Harrison still won the election. 
trump-rushed-off-stage-in-reno-may-13th-Popular Vote vs Electoral in History-48

The county seat in the Harrison County, Iowa is in Logan. Interesting the town was incorporated on 4/22. 

The town named after "John Alexander Logan"=126(reverse E)
Notice he was born exactly 53 years after William Henry Harrison on 2/9. 

Erin Moran=53 
She dies 53 days before Donald Trump's bday. 
My brother graduated with brother is 53 days older than him. 10/15/88 to 12/7/88. 

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