Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aaron Hernandez found dead near 3 handwritten notes

Three Handwritten Notes=103
Remember all of the 103 in the last post? 
One Hundred Three=83, 164
Football=29, 83

Something I forgot to note in the last post...
Aaron Josef Hernandez=314(reverse)

A stretch here but noting...
John 3:16 says that if you believe in Jesus you shall have everlasting life. 
Everlasting Life=164 

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  1. Odin was murdered on June 17th
    Aaron Hernandez is born on November 6th, and from his birthday in 2012 to 6/17/2013 is 223 days (31 WEEKS and 6 DAYS) which is actually the reason 316 is put on his head

    From 6/17/2013 to Aaron's birthday in 2013 is 142 days (4 months 20 days), but when you measure from 6/17/2013 to the date of Aaron's death on 4/19/2017 it's 1402 days...