Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Heath Ledger- I Am Heath Ledger Documentary-Gabriel-423-connected to my previous post

So the reason I keep posting what I'm about to post is because I'm mentally drawn to certain things I see. Then when I start investigating them I realize they are connected to the same thing I keep talking about. 
Earlier after my last post in regards to Shia LaBeouf/Gabriel/Transgendered and what not, I sat down and watched TV with my girlfriend for a while. 
Anyway we were watching the Simpsons and the episode had Bart Simpson dressed up like a girl when he was playing with his sisters.

After that episode we watched that 70's Show. The episode of that 70's show was a Halloween episode and had Fez dressed up in Drag like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Now what are the odds of that? This is why I know gematria and these signs are of something much greater. 

Anyway my girlfriend went to bed and I decided to get back on the computer. I load up Yahoo again and now there is a main article about Heath Ledger. 
The reason this is significant is because the first thing that comes to mind in regards to Heath Ledger to me is he is "Gabriel" on the film "The Patriot". It's always the first thing I think of with him. It may be different for other people but to me this is what I think. 
His character is "Gabriel Martin" in the movie, which reminds me of my trolled video I keep talking about in regards to the death of "Gabriel Martin Rygaard". 

There is a film coming out on 4/23 called "I am Heath Ledger". 
The Patriot=513(Jewish)
4/23 is the day I put my Prince video out last year that I keep saying they copyright claimed an old video showing me 513. 
4/23 is also the day I put my first ever Youtube "conspiracy" video up in 2013. It's also 5 months 13 days after my bday. 

4/5/17 is also Pope Francis' 4th year 23rd day as Pope. 
I talked a lot about this number on my videos, I can't seem to find the posts anymore but I have it saved in my notepad still. I noticed some of my youtube videos have been deleted, so maybe my blog posts are getting deleted too? 
I got a weird comment on an old video(Freddie Gray) at some point too. It was 423 days after I put the video out. King Charles II was coronated on 4/23... a bunch more. 

The video on 4/23/13 is about Batman and the Boston Bombing and sports. Just documenting it but interesting I mention Tamerlane the Celtic Warrior. Possibly a sign for the upcoming finals? Not so sure about it... but wanted to point it out in case it does happen. 
I later talk about Jack Nicholson(the Joker)...think about Heath Ledger(the Joker). 
Tamerlan means "Ironman". 
Dzhokhar..the Joker. 
I was following something in regards to superheros at the time. 

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger=1317(Jewish) also 113(simple)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=1317(Jewish) also 95(reduced)
Today is the 4/5 the 95th day of the year. 
4/23 is the 113th day of the year. 

Notice above too, an article about Michelle Obama's hair....In the last post I briefly mentioned Michelle Obama and how I talked about her around the CWS. The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers named after Geoffrey Chaucer...who of course befriends Ledgers character in "A Knights Tale". 

The day he died, no one called 9-1-1 until 3:26pm. If you've been following what I've been posting you will understand why 326 is important. 

A bunch of the 4/23 stuff went back to 22 Jumpstreet that came out on 6/13...I put my video out 165 days later on 11/25...
Twenty Two=165
Anyway I noticed that if you include the End Date it's 166 days...Mary Kate Olsen who called 9-1-1 also born on 6/13. 

I know this may all be jumbled but I'm telling you it will come back up again at a later date and make a lot more sense as to what I was supposed to see. 

I was also typing in some random phrases and I just thought this one was interesting as it had a connection to me in almost every form of gematria. 
Pineal Gland=202(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=202(reverse)
Religious Vision=202(reverse)

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