Wednesday, July 6, 2016

RG III set up for failure in Cleveland X-Ray/Native Americans/South Park/ Death of William Mckinley in Buffalo

I was just talking about looking back at some old videos I made about the Washington Redskins in regards to the South Park Episode that came out about the Redskins. Also Brandon Scherff playing for them and the Indian connections I've been seeing. 
Now we get an article about RGIII being set up for failure with the Browns.  

I had talked previously about how RGIII reminds me a lot of RG111 which is Rontgenium.  
Rontgen Rays are Xrays. 
Raising the X or the the Cross. X Rays let you see inside yourself. 
The Kingdom of heaven is within you. 
The X theme all around the Superbowl this year and more. 
Robert Griffin III=111 

In this South Park Episode, they have Kirk Cousins instead of RGIII for the Redskins and also when the owners are talking about the Goodell Bot, the Buffalo Bills owner is missing. 
This is because Ralph Wilson had died age 95 earlier in the year and the Bills didn't have a new manager at the time. 

Moral of the story, I just posted about the Kyle Calloway the former Hawkeye and Buffalo Bill dying. So once again the Indian/Native American theme. 

So I've noticed the Connection of the Native Americans to the Mormons/Omaha/Cleveland/Ohio  which I think may have something to do with the Republican National Convention that is being held in Cleveland. Not sure if that's what it's about, but there has been a lot of foreshadowing to this, which may be a possible date area for a political assassination. 
As I was looking more into it, I found that William McKinley was from Ohio and the 3rd president to be assassinated. He died in Buffalo at the Pan-American Exposition.  Notice it says they were going to use the newly developed X-Ray Machine on him, but weren't sure of the side effects too. 
Xray=23, 68
Dunlap=23, 68 (Town I live in that killed Yellowsmoke)

I also find it interesting that He was the president just after Grover Cleveland who served 2 non consecutive terms. 
Benjamin Harrison was the in between and Mckinley just after. They both died in 1901 as well. 
3/13 to 9/14 is 185 days. 
Donald John Trump=185
Missing Airplanes=185
Stock Market Crash=185
World Trade Center=185
The Book of Mormon=185
Book of Revelation=185
The Power of Love=185
Former Miss America=185(Queen Elizabeth II if she dies)
Queen Victoria also died in 1901. 

The guy who killed Mckinley was Leon Czolgosz. 
Leon Czolgosz=61, 169
Cleveland Browns=61, 169 

With the Cavaliers winning this year, Buffalo is now #3 in Cities with the longest Sports Drought too. 
I've also been seeing the Royal theme connected to the Native American theme.  Maybe this is why?
Native Americans=1114(Jewish)
Princess Camilla=154
The Fresh Prince=154(From West Philadelphia)
Interesting there is a neighborhood in West Philadelphia called Dunlap as well, which could be why the town I live in seems important. 
Plutonium Two hundred thirty nine=154
Nuclear Reactor=154
Rio Olympics=154
On August 31st it will be the 19th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. 
Nineteen Years=154
Restoration=154 (King Charles II regained the Crown) 
The Tweet from Marvin McNutt on Kyle Calloway's Cnn article even came at 1:54. 
NBA Finals began on 154th day of the year. 
Denver Broncos=154
Levi's Stadium=154
Denver finished 15-4. 
Prince was supposedly up for 154 hours before he died. 
If Charles becomes King he will either be King Charles III or King George VII.  Plus George is his nephew and 4th in line too. 
Charles born on 11/14. 
Interesting too the South Park episode Go Fund Yourself came out on 9/24/14. 
King George VII=138
Donald Trump=138 
See my previous post, lot's of 138's and 183's. 

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  1. I am not sure if you are awarenof this deep rooted distasteful Native American/Royal Theme ties