Tuesday, July 12, 2016

4 Minnesota Cops leave security Job at Minnesota Lynx game over Black Lives Matter T-shirts

Today we get a story about WNBA team Minnesota Lynx wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts to honor Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Supposedly 4 off duty police officers who were working security left because of these shirts. 
Minnesota Lynx=185, 59

Zachary K Hubbard just recently had a post about Alton Sterling and his real name is Alton Bertell Sterlings. 
Alton Bertell Sterlings=59, 185
Of course 59 a big number on Black people as well.(Previous Posts)
Donald John Trump=185
Minnesota Lynx=59, 185
He was born on Donald Trumps 33rd bday even. 
Donald Trump=138
18/5 is even the 138th day of the year and the day Flight 804 left Paris at 23:09pm. 
Missing Airplanes=185
World Trade Center=185
Stock Market Crash=185
Interesting in regards to Sterlings...The Pound Sterling
Brexit happens 138 days before the US Presidential election. 

Interesting this game was on 7/9 yet just today they are reporting about the Police officers leaving? 
Notice they beat DALLAS where we got Micah X Johnson killing Police officers just after the deaths of Sterling and Castile. 
Notice Dallas scored 56 points as well. 
Black Lives Matter=56
Paris France=56
Royal Family=56 
Many more... 
Dallas loses by 37 points. 
Minnesota scores 93 points. 
Malcolm X=93
Martin Luther King Jr=93
Both die age 39. 

Another Article talks about the current lead scorer and former MVP Tina Charles. 
Tina Charles=56

Accountability=56 (Lynx team mantra)
Change Starts with Us Justice and Accountability=163
163 is 38th prime. 
Minnesota=38  Louisiana=38 
Target Center=55
Fifty Six=55, 118
Notice above the last verification date of Alton Sterling was 2/25/2016.   The 56th day this year. 
Dallas Texas=118
Baton Rouge=118
Presidential Election is on 11/8. 

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