Sunday, December 20, 2020

Eminem releases Side B to Music to Be Murdered By and then Ariana Grande announces her engagement-Manchester Arena/Las Vegas Attacks-Mike Tyson Fight


Eminem releases a Side B to his album "Music to Be Murdered By" and now Ariana Grande announces her engagement? Recall that Eminem's album had controversy due to mentioning the Manchester Arena bombing and Las Vegas Attack. 
Eminem also released this album the same day the post humous album "Circles" was released by Ariana Grande's ex boyfriend Mac Miller. (MM). 
Music to Be Murdered By=326(FB)
Ariana Grande Butera=326

Further, notice that this new album came out 5 months 22 days after Ariana Grande's bday and a span of 2 months 2 days after Eminem's bday. 
Recall that the Manchester Arena bombing was on 5/22 and very important to the number 22. 

Also, I have recently mentioned how the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight was synced to the Manchester and Las Vegas attack from 2017. 

This was also important to Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon too...which were important to the Corn/Rose/Charles Manson..
Corn Rows...Corn Rose...

They just announced that the Rose Bowl will be moved to AT&T stadium too due to COVID 19....We knew something was important to the Rose Bowl all season and now it's canceled/moved..

The game will be Alabama vs Notre Dame....

Dalton Gomez=132


Catholic Church=132

Manchester bombing was 132 days before Vegas Attack. 

Manchester Arena=145

Ariana Grande=145(FB)

Much of this narrative was also important to Zion Williamson and his shoe blowing out....NIKE...Colin Kaepernick...

Jason Aldean's bday on 28/2 was 282 days or 9 months 6 days after the Manchester Attack....this number was important to Children of the Corn/Nick Cannon...

Children of the Corn=96 and 282 and 177

Ariana announced her engagement 177 days after her bday..

Nick Cannon=224(FB)

The Manchester Attack was 2 months 24 days after Jason Aldean's bday..

Jason Aldean's bday is a span of 119 days before Ariana Grande too...a big number in connection to this that I don't want to retype. 

Eminem apologizes to Rihanna in the new album as well...
This makes me think about the Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight that will falls on Rihanna's 33rd birthday. 


  1. Ariana Grande has 266 days left in her 15th Martian year. Born 26/6. Derek showed all the 266 connections with the death of "Boba Fett" = 266 Jewish. The actor playing the Mandalorian born exactly 266 months after dog the bounty Hunter. Dog's wife died last year on 266. The Sun was at 266° of the ecliptic on 12/17 which is Pope Francis's bday the 266th pope and can go on and on about Francis and 266

  2. Her and Eminem were born exactly 11 Martian years apart.

  3. 51 days after her album "positions" released. "Mars" = 51