Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Floyd Mayweather to fight Logan Paul on 2/20/2021 and the Kobe Bryant Connections-Rocky-Russia-Turkey-Tiger


Floyd Mayweather is going to fight Jake Paul's brother Logan on the 51st day of 2021? Of course his brother really wants to Box Conor McGregor too...

Remember the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight was a span of 51 days before Jake Paul's bday. 

Originally the Tyson vs Jones' Jr fight was scheduled 51 days after they announced it....Roy Jones Jr. was 51 years old..

Roy Levesta Jones Jr=233(51st prime number)

Floyd Mayweather=233(FB)

Although it was an exhibition fight...If Mike Tyson won it would have been similar to his 51st win....

Floyd Mayweather currently has a record of 50-0, which is similar to Tyson's exhibition fight...

Notice the Fight is going to be a span of 2 months 24 days after the Tyson fight too....

Floyd Mayweather=224

He was born on 2/24. 

Conor McGregor has a 22-4 UFC record...

This announcement came on 12/6.....I bet it's connected to Kobe Bryant who died on 1/26..

Kobe Bryant=224(FB)

I think this even further because Logan Paul's bday is 4/1, which is a span of 41 days or 1 month 13 days after 2/20..

Kobe Bryant=41 and 113

Also remember Floyd Mayweather's uncle the "Black Mamba" died just after Kobe Bryant too. Notice his uncle died 51 days after Kobe..

Floyd's ex girlfriend also died and Conor McGregor was in the news saying his aunt died of Coronavirus on 3/13/2020....this was important to the Knights Templar/France...and Conor McGregor's bday being on Bastille Day/The same day as the Nice, France Van Attack.....Sylvester Stallone(Rocky) was at that Attack....then McGregor loses to Mayweather which allowed Mayweather to surpass Rocky Marciano's record...

223 days after the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, McGregor had the drama with the Russian Khabib before UFC 223......the Russian....just like how Rocky fights the Russian.....this is why they pushed back the Mike Tyson fight to Thanksgiving weekend...because Rocky is important to Thanksgiving.....plus Donald Trump wanted to BOX Putin...and think about the country Turkey in regards to Thanksgiving. There was a coup attempt to take down Erdogan the day after the Nice, France van attack too...and Russia shot down one of Turkey's planes just before Thanksgiving in 2015...Turkey is the first to declared Isis a terrorist organization..

Of course Rocky(Eye of the Tiger)...Mike Tyson owns the Tigers...

Dolph Lundgren=201


Putin made the video about nuking Florida 220 days before his bday...

Vladimir Putin=220(FB)

Donald John Trump=220

Interesting this fight will be on 2/20...

This fight will also be a span of 1 years 26 days after Kobe died on 1/26. 

We also had the story about the death of rapper Blue Benji Kobe on 1/26....

Gianna Bryant=126

Vanessa Bryant's bday was the 126th day of 2020..

Dwight David Howard II=126...Kobe tore his achilles 126 days after Howard's bday...which was previously the same day they annulled the Chris Paul trade...Chris Paul born on the 126th day....Jerry Buss died 1 month 26 days before Kobe tore his achilles...

DeMarcus Amir Cousins=126

New Orleans=126

Joe Biden=126

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr=126 and 243

Kobe Bean Bryant=243

Sylvester Stallone=63 and 243

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