Sunday, December 20, 2020

Tom Cruise rants about Social Distancing-Wikipedia changes Ray Dalio's birthday to 8/8 instead of 8/1-Bridge Theme


So I have a bunch of syncs with Katie Holmes and Dawson's Creek...and then we get a story about Tom Cruise ranting about Social Distancing? Never fails lol....Tom Cruise used to be married to Katie Holmes. 

This story was leaked on 12/15 which was a span of 201 days before his bday...without the end date it's 200...
There is something to this as I have seen 200 a lot lately and recall I documented about the Rule of Colel not too long ago...
Cleveland Indians=200(FB)
I told myself to write them down lol, but of course I didn't and now I think it's important. 

The number 201 was also important to Space..
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
The Moon landing on the 201st day..
Aldrin born on 20/1..

Back in May we had a story of Tom Cruise set to film a new movie in Space too...the story was 58 days before his 58th bday...
The story came on 5/6 which is the anniversary of SpaceX too. 

Think about Mission Impossible as well in regards to James Bond....and James Bonds' importance to Space. 

I can't help but think of the film "Oblivion" with the Bridge Symbolism and the last Super Bowl either. I saw Zach made a video about Ray Dalio's son dying recently too...He's the owner of BRIDGEWater Associates, and recall there was a plane crash with the CEO of Bridgewater Associates in Costa Rica just before the Eagles won the Super Bowl in connection to Bridges...
Pittsburgh the City of Bridges...

Wikipedia has also changed Ray Dalio's bday from 8/1 to 8/8 since that story in 2018..
Funny as both 8/1 and 8/8 are important to what I was documenting about with the Bridge narrative though. 

The changed it on 4/18/2018 to the date 8/8...
Notice this was 260 days after the date 8/1. 
Ray Dalio=260(FB) and 137(FB)
Bridgewater Associates=137 and 88

I'll look more into this when I get a chance..
Teddy Bridgewater was important to this narrative too..Philadelphia..Ben Franklin Bridge/Earthquake/Pope Francis...

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